Article I General Provisions and Definitions 

Section 1 Name
Section 2 Board of Directors
Section 3 Council
Section 4 Recognition
Section 5 Directors
Section 6 Commissioners
Section 7 Public Representatives
Section 8 Membership
Section 9 Offices
Section 10 Executive Director

Article II Board of Directors

Section 1 Composition
Section 2 Powers and Duties
Section 3 Officers of the Board and officers of the Council

(a) Chair
(b) Chair-elect
(c) Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Additional Officers
(f) Terms

Article III Council

Section 1 Composition
Section 2 Powers and Duties
Section 3 Chair and Chair-elect

Article IV Elections, Terms, Vacancies, Removal, Resignations, and Compensation

Section 1 Elections
Section 2 Eligibility
Section 3 Voting Procedures
Section 4 Assumption of Office
Section 5 Terms
Section 6 Vacancies
Section 7 Resignations
Section 8 Removal
Section 9 Compensation

Article V Committees

Section 1 Standing Committees of the Council

(a) Nominating Committee

(1) Composition
(2) Procedures
(b) Business Practices Committee
(c) Education Enhancement and Evaluation
(d) Financial Review Committee
(e) Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Section 2 Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

(a) Executive Committee
(b) Audit Committee
(c) Investment Committee
(d) Governance Committee

Section 3 Other Committees

Article VI Membership, Fees, Meetings

Section 1 Gaining Membership
Section 2 Loss of Membership
Section 3 Types of Fees
Section 4 Change in Fees
Section 5 Conditions of Payment
Section 6 Proration of Fees
Section 7 Other Costs
Section 8 Assessments
Section 9 Annual Meeting
Section 10 Special Meetings
Section 11 Notice of Meetings
Section 12 Quorum
Section 13 Meetings of the Council

Article VII Appeals Process

Section 1 Review Board for Appeals
Section 2 Due Process

Article VIII Miscellaneous

Section 1 Liability
Section 2 Corporate Seal
Section 3 Checks, Notes, Contracts
Section 4 Books and Records
Section 5 Confidentiality
Section 6 Indemnification and Insurance
Section 7 Amendments
Section 8 Dissolution
Section 9 Fiscal Year

Article IX Litigation, Jurisdiction and Venue, Expenses

Section 1 Suits Against ACICS, Jurisdiction and Exhaustion
Section 2 Reimbursement of ACICS’s Litigation Expenses
Section 3 Other Expenses
Section 4 Binding Effect