Becoming ACICS-Accredited

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In order to start the accreditation process with ACICS, the chief executive officer of the institution must submit an institutional catalog and a letter describing how the institution meets the minimum eligibility requirements. The staff will review this information and, if appropriate, forward application materials to the institution.

Upon receipt of two copies of the completed application materials and financial statement, a review will be conducted by staff. If the application is complete and the institution appears to meet the eligibility requirements, a preliminary site visit will be conducted. The purpose of the visit is to determine the institution's development and readiness to proceed with the self-evaluation phase and to determine whether the institution is in substantial compliance with the Accreditation Criteria for the credential it offers. When an institution has been authorized to proceed with the accreditation process, has completed the self-study document, and has remitted the deposit for visit expenses, the full on-site visit can be scheduled.

To download a copy of the Self-Study Procedures and Guidelines, please click here. If you need more information on the eligibility requirements and the initial application process, please contact
Dr. Joseph E. Gurubatham, Director of Campus Development at (202) 336-6797.


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