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About the Change of Name Application

A separate application must be completed for each campus the change of name applies to (main or branch). Institutions are also required to submit a narrative justifying the reasons for a change of name.

Institutions can prepare documents required for the Change of Name process prior to purchasing the application; however ACICS will not begin processing the request until the application is purchased and the required documents have been submitted. Required documents listed that are hyperlinked represent an ACICS template. Please download the required form, complete and be prepared to upload at the appropriate step.   

Payment Information

Please note that all outstanding invoices must be paid before purchasing an application. To view outstanding orders, go to MY ACCOUNT once you are logged in.

For a complete list of fees, see the Schedule of Fees. For payment by check, see the following instructions.

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Application Process 


STEP 1 - Document Preparation

Download and complete the following documents:

               • Change of Name Application

In addition to the above document, prepare the following for submission:

               • State notification
               • Narrative


STEP 2 - Purchase Change of Name Application ($300)

See Instructions for Purchasing an Application



STEP 3 - Submit completed documents in Step 1

See Instructions for Uploading Documents


ACICS STEP 4 - Review application request and submitted documents


ACICS STEP 5 - Notification
A letter acknowledging the change of name will be sent via email to the institution’s main point of contact.


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