Application Process Enhancements

ACICS is proud to launch features of the Member Center to help the processing of substantive and non-substantive changes applications. New requirements for submitting applications are designed to keep accreditation information current and to streamline the process for assuring the quality of substantive and non-substantive changes. Among other requirements, any request for the review of a substantive or non-substantive change must include a full remittance, a completed application, and all required supporting documentation, before the request will be put in queue for review. In addition, ACICS will implement a "withdrawal" policy to maintain the currency of the application material:

Effective September 2, 2015, any application with a purchase date of six months or older, and void of required documentation will be deemed "withdrawn". The institution will not be entitled to a refund, and it will be required to repurchase the application in order to continue with the proposed change.

Eighteen online tutorials have been produced and uploaded to the ACICS YouTube Channel. Each video is designed to help users navigate the new elements of the Member Center.


Visit the ACICS Channel to view instructions.

YouTube Application How To's