Student Achievement Review

2-1-809. Student Achievement Review.
The Council reviews the Campus Accountability Report (CAR) and Institutional Accountability Report (IAR) to monitor performance in terms of student achievement at both the campus and program levels.  Measures will include retention; placement; and licensure, registration or certification pass rates, if applicable.  When this review indicates that the achievement of an institution’s students is weak or deteriorating, the Council will require the institution to add an improvement plan within its Campus Effectiveness Plan (CEP) and/or Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP). If the Council determines the institution no longer complies with the Council’s requirement for student achievement, the Council will issue a compliance warning, a show-cause directive, or otherwise take action and require the institution to demonstrate compliance within the time frames described in Title II, Chapter 3. These time frames may be extended at the sole discretion of the Council for good cause, including evidence that there has been significant improvement in the deficient area(s) and the applicable time frame does not provide sufficient time to demonstrate full compliance, e.g., significant improvement in retention, placement, or licensure pass rates. Institutions that are required to include a plan of student achievement improvement within their CEPs or that are determined to be out of compliance with the Council’s standards for student achievement are considered to be on student achievement review and those with campus- or institution-level plans are subject to additional requirements.