Request to Waive Restrictions

If a campus is applying for a waiver request to initiate a new program(s) and/or a nonmain location(s), and the campus is currently on retention and/or placement compliance warning, the information below is requested at least 30 days prior to a Council Meeting. The following information should be submitted to the Council to address the institution’s reporting status.

  1. Reasons for submitting the waiver request.
  2. Description of the reasons (special circumstances) for the low retention and/or placement rates and how the new program(s) or location(s) will help the institution improve retention and/or placement rates. Are there specific cohorts and/or programs that are affecting the retention and/or placement rate(s)? Please include evidence that the institution will have an opportunity to raise the retention and/or placement rate(s) due to the new activity.
  3. A general description of the local area where the campus is located and any economic, social, demographic, or other changes unique to this area if they have an impact on the low rates. (Expected changes to an external/internal scenario should be described in order to justify a positive projection, and therefore, a possible raise in the rates. Specific evidence and official data is expected.)
  4. Evidence of the local market demand for the new program(s) or nonmain location(s).
  5. Retention and/or Placement Rates as reported in the Campus Accountability Report (CAR).
  6. Updated Campus Accountability Report (CAR) rates for the period of July 1 – December 31 and January 1 – June 30 along with documentation that the institution is following its improvement plan.
  7. Please notify the Council if the campusis on financial reporting.
  8. If required, have the program(s)/nonmain location(s) been granted approval from the appropriate state agency?
    Note: If approval is required and has not been granted, the waiver will not be approved until there is evidence of the approval.
  9. How long has the campus been on compliance warning?
    1. Less than one year
    2. For one to two years
    3. For more than two years
  10. Has the campus received approval of a waiver similar to the one submitted to ACICS from another agency, e.g. the Department of Education, another accrediting body, etc.?
  11. Documentation of additional resources, if applicable, that are needed to begin the new program(s)/nonmain campus activity and how this will impact the current operation. If the campus is an additional location or campus addition, how will the main campus or corporate office support the additional operation?