Non-Substantive Modifications

         Academic Credit Analysis form 


A Non-substantive Program Modification Form must be submitted for the following changes:
• Any change of less than 25% in existing contact hours, credit awarded, curriculum content (courses offered), or program length of a currently approved program;
• A change in the name of an existing program that does not change the overall objective of the program.
At the point that these cumulative changes equal or exceed 25% of the contact hours, credits, curriculum content (e.g., courses offered), or program length following the initial program approval or last review by the Council, the institution must submit a New Program Application form.

Furthermore, if cumulative changes to a single program within a one year calendar period equal or exceed 25% of the contact hours, credit hours, curriculum content or program length, a New Program Application form must be submitted.

For a complete description of the Council’s expectations with regard to new programs or program revisions, please see Sections 2-2-501, 2-2-502, and 2-2-503 of the Accreditation Criteria.