Applications and Forms

This section contains applications, forms, and procedures to help you through the accreditation process.


Additional Location (formerly Branch) Application 
Effective July 16, 2012, Additional Location Applications are no longer accepted in paper format. All applications are to be submitted via the online process. An Additional Location is defined as any location of an institution other than the main, but under the same corporate structure as the main campus (i.e., part of the main campus corporation or a wholly owned subsidiary) that offers educational activities. Read more

Additional Location-to-Main Campus Reclassification
An additional location seeking to reclassify as a main campus must complete this application. Read More

Campus Addition (formerly Learning Site) Application
A campus addition is a location where educational activities are conducted apart from a main or additional location that does not, on its own, qualify as an additional location . A campus addition is included within the scope of an institution's grant of accreditation only after a review of the application materials and notification of approval from the Council office. Read more...

Change of Name Application
The Council must be notified and grant approval when an institution decides to change its name. A separate application must be completed for each campus the change of name applies to (main or branch). Read more...

Change of Location Application
The Council must be notified and grant approval when an institution decides to change its physical location or its address and prior to the initiation of classes at any new location. An institution is required to justify, in narrative form, reasons for a change of location including effects on current students, administrative staff, and faculty. Read more...

Change of Ownership Application
The transfer of ownership or a change in the control of an institution is a substantial change that must be reported to the Council. In addition, any institution or owning corporation that is contemplating a transaction that may result in a change of ownership or control must notify the Council at least 15 days prior to consummating the proposed change. Read more... 

Clock to Credit Hour Conversion Application
This application must be submitted by eligible institutions which, for financial aid purposes, are required to seek the Council's review and approval of acceptable out -of-class student work for currently approved programs. Read more... 

Distance Education Application
Institutions are required to submit a Distance Education Application for the following changes:
    • the initiation of an on-line delivery format for less than 50% of a program of study;
    • the initiation of an on-line delivery format for 50% or more of a program of study. 

Extensive Substantive Change Form
This form is required to be submitted when an institution or campus has been contacted by Council that an extensive substantive change comprehensive visit will be conducted. The form has a zero cost, but requires end-users to launch this process through our Web.

Initial Applicant Application 
This application is used to start the initial applicant process.

 New Program Application
The Council must be notified prior to the start of any new program and must issue its approval before an institution advertises, recruits, or enrolls students in the proposed program.  

Non-Credit Short-Term Module Application
This application should only be submitted if the institution requests Council's review and approval of or notifies Council of a non-credit, short-term (less than 300 clock hours) module. These may be offered as continuing education or skills enhancement modules to the general public under the supervision of the ACICS accredited campus.

Non-Substantive Program Modification Application         
A Non-substantive Program Modification Form must be submitted for program changes.

Reassignment and Consolidation Application
Institutions seeking to reassign the classification of a campus or campuses or to consolidate groups of campuses must complete this application.

Renewal of Accreditation Application
An institution must submit an application for a new grant of accreditation prior to the expiration of its current.

Substantive Change to an Existing Program
Council requires institutions seeking to make substantive changes to an existing program to apply for and secure approval from ACICS prior to their implementation of the revised program. Read more...

Team Chair Application
The ACICS team chair is tasked with providing leadership to the independent evaluation team during an institutional evaluation for reaccreditation, branch inclusion or initial accreditation. Read more...

Instructions and Other Important Forms

Application Initiation Process Enhancements 
Campus Closing Form
Credit Card Authorization Form 
Consortium Agreement Template
Designated Delegate Form
Eight Year Interim Report 
Faculty Data Sheet
Faculty Development Form
This form outlines the required elements in a faculty development plan. Institutions may either use this form,
or create their own using this as a guide.
Campus Addition Annual Report (Progress Report) 
Non-Substantive Program Modification Guidelines
Payment by Check
Instructions for submitting payment via check Program Information Form
Program Modifications Checklist
This form outlines which non-substantive changes require forms, fees, or both
Program Modification Worksheet
This worksheet is provided as a guide. Not for submission

Waiver Request Forms 
Financial Review Committee 
Institutional Effectiveness Committee