Payment by Check

Instructions for Submitting Payment via Check

The benefits of an electronic payment process will be enhanced with the implementation of electronic fund transfer (EFT); however, in order to accommodate our member institutions ACICS will continue to accept checks for application and fee payment(s).


Step 1

Complete the Order Form      Order Form Instructions
(There are three worksheets included in the order form, they are listed at the bottom of the form)
ACICS has created an order form to assist institutions in summarizing and calculating the applications and/or fees covered by a check. The order form mirrors our fee schedule and requires a quantity and institution ID, when checks cover multiple campuses or applications.
ORDER FORM – Summary Page: This worksheet must accompany all requests.
ORDER FORM – Detail Page: This worksheet is used to provide sufficient information when the check is for payment of multiple New Program applications.
ORDER FORM – Workshop Page: If payment is for more than one person, please list each workshop registrant.


Step 2

Mail Check and Order Form
Institutions should mail checks and order forms to:

     Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
     P.O. Box 791309
     Baltimore, MD  21279-1309

Please do not mail the applications or corresponding documents. The electronic document submission process implemented July 1, 2009 expedites the approval process and reduces paperwork as well as mailing costs. If any portion of the check is for payment of a fee, the institution(s) account will be adjusted to reflect the payment. The following steps are for circumstances where the check covers costs associated with an application.
Upon receipt of the check and order form, ACICS will activate the application approval process. Once completed, ACICS will contact the check writer. It is the check writer’s responsibility to inform the related parties to proceed with the application process.

Responsible parties can review Step 6 & 7 of Instructions for Purchasing an Application for assistance on completing the application process.