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During the week of May 21-25, ACICS students and faculty volunteered more than 14,000 hours in their communities during the We SERVE Community Service Week. A national effort, We SERVE allowed students to apply their skills and resources to serve and strengthen their communities. The Centennial Committee is proud of the more than 3,162 students and faculty for helping us celebrate and engaging students and faculty in and outside of the classroom.

The following community service projects expended a significant number of hours, achieved their stated goal, and demonstrated creativity and a lasting impact on their community.

Career Point 1

Career Point College
First Place

On March 20, 2012, the city of Devine, Texas was hit by a devastating tornado.  Twenty homes were demolished leaving families without shelter. Career Point College students and instructors who live near the area were told that families had no food, some were living in their cars, and others had no clothes or toiletries.

The Career Point College community mobilized and organized projects to raise money, canned food, clothing, and daily necessities. Day and evening classes held fundraisers and raised over $10,330 in total donations. They raised enough for four pallets of drinking water, $3,000 worth of detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste; and over $2,000 of toiletries. Students and faculty spent a total of 820 hours volunteering time and energy to help the citizens of Devine. On Wednesday, May 23, they hosted a barbecue for the Devine community at the Community Center, serving over 200 people.

As the First Place Winner, Career Point will be honored at the Centennial Gala, November 10 in Las Vegas. They will receive two complementary tickets to the Gala, one night hotel accommodations at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and two roundtrip airfares to Las Vegas.

Honorable Mentions


Spencerian College
Spencerian College in Louisville, Kentucky hosted a Health and Wellness Fair on May 21 providing education and screenings to those not unable to take advantage of preventative health care. The school chose two local non-profit organizations to benefit. Founded in 1982, the Southwest Center was opened in response to the growing need for programs and employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. Shively Area Ministries is an official site for Dare to Care food drive, offering financial assistance to those who qualify.


Trinity College of Puerto Rico
Trinity College of Puerto Rico served more than 300 people in regions of high unemployment and poverty near sectors of La Playa de Ponce. They provided basic health services, conducted home visits to a group of several handicapped patients, conducted a job search workshop, environmental awareness workshops, and distributed 80 trees for reforestation in the community.  350 pounds of food were distributed.