ACICS Call for Commissioner Applications for 2010


TO:                ACICS-Accredited Institutions and Interested Parties

FROM:           Albert C. Gray, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO

DATE:            December 15, 2009

SUBJECT:      Request for Applications for Commissioner Vacancies

Commissioner Candidate Application Form

Each year, in accordance with the Bylaws of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools,
the Chair of the Board of Directors selects four sitting commissioners and one person representing an ACICSaccredited
institution to serve on the ACICS Nominating Committee. The Committee is responsible for the
screening of nominees and selection of candidates for election and appointment as commissioners.

During 2010, the Nominating Committee will fill vacancies for five-year terms that will officially begin on
January 1,2011, and continue through December 31, 2015. These positions include:

1. One elected position; and

2. Two appointed positions (both member positions).

In order to pursue the goals of ACICS successfully, Commissioners are expected to attend all regularly
scheduled Council meetings, as well as attend other ACICS events as needed. A typical annual Council
schedule includes three Council meetings that are usually four - five days in length and generally occur during
the first week of April, August, and December, as well as participation in the ACICS Annual Meeting which is
held in June and a Council Policy Meeting which is held in February of each year. In addition, Commissioners
may be asked to participate in conference calls, school consultations, workshops, and other activities as
necessary. Articles III and IV of the Bylaws outline in detail the responsibilities of the Council.

To be eligible to run for an elected position, an interested individual must be employed by a member
institution and be identified as a designated delegate, as defined in the Bylaws of the Accreditation Criteria
Article IV, Section 2. Individuals from member institutions (member position) or individuals who do not have
any association to a member institution (public position) may be appointed to the Council. The Nominating
Committee is responsible for recommending the names of qualified persons to the Council for appointment.

In order to be eligible for voting in the election process at the Annual Meeting, a person must be employed by
an ACICS-accredited institution in good standing and be identified as the Designated Delegate of that
institution. Changes of Designated Delegate status shall be made in writing fifteen (15) days prior to the date
of the scheduled election. The general voting procedures for all elections are published in Article IV of the

The Nominating Committee invites you to submit an application for election or appointment. Please contact
Ms. Dyanna Pooley at (202) 336-6846 or with any questions. All applications must be
received via electronic format by January 31, 2010.