Renewal of Accreditation Evaluation Schedule

Below are the institutions, including main and branch campus locations, that are scheduled to undergo renewal of accreditation reviews in 2019. Members of the public, industry leaders, and other third parties are invited to submit comments on these, or any ACICS-accredited, institution by emailing them to These  comments will be considered by the Council during its review of the institution’s application. Please note the assigned visit cycles may be subject to change.



Agape College of Business and Science, Fresno, CA
Jose Maria Vargas University, Pembroke Pines, FL
Stratford University, Falls Church, VA
Stratford University, Woodbridge, VA 
Stratford University - Glen Allen, Glen Allen, VA
Stratford University, Newport News, VA
Stratford University Baltimore Campus, Baltimore, MD
Stratford University - New Delhi, Utter Pradesh, India
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American Institute of Healthcare & Technology, Stratford, CT 
Bay Area Medical Academy, San Francisco, CA 
Beverly Hills Design Institute, Beverly Hills, CA
Texas Health and Science University, Austin, TX
The Puerto Rico School of Nurse Anesthetists, San Juan, PR
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FALL 2019 
Bethesda College of Health Sciences, Boynton Beach, FL
California Miramar University, San Diego, CA
Eastwick College, Hackensack, NJ
Eastwick College, Ramsey, NJ 
Gwinnett College, Lilburn, GA 
Gwinnett Institute, Orlando, FL 
Lincoln University, Oakland, CA
Living Arts College@ School of Communication Arts, Raleigh, NC

Living Arts Institute@ School of Communication Arts, Winston Salem, NC

Merit University, Los Angeles, CA
Metro Business College, Cape Girardeau, MO
Metro Business College, Rolla, MO
Metro Business College, Jefferson City, MO
National Latino Education Institute, Chicago, IL
Oregon Culinary Institute, Portland, OR
Pioneer Pacific College, Springfield, OR
Pioneer Pacific College, Wilsonville, OR
Process Work Institute, Portland, OR 
Reagan National University, Sioux Falls, SD
San Diego Global Knowledge University, San Diego, CA
Suncoast College of Heath, Bradenton, FL