Program Approval Withdrawn

 Program Approval Withdrawn

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American National University: Lynchburg, CA (00010947)

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale: Fort Launderdale, FL (00016231)

Art Institute of Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN (00032160)

Art Institute of Salt Lake City: Draper, UT (00032150)

Art Institute of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI (00041675)

Beal College: Bangor, ME (00011208)

Branford Hall Career Institute: Branford, CT (00010452)

Brightwood Career Institute: Pittsburgh, PA (00011256)

Brookline College: Phoenix, AZ (00010976)

Brown Mackie College-Atlanta: Atlanta, GA (000202390

Brown Mackie College-Boise: Boise, ID (00023969)

Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati:Cincinnati, OH (00010572)

Brown Mackie College-Findlay: Findlay, OH (00010165)

Brown Mackie College-Fort Wayne: Fort Wayne, IN (00010218)

Brown Mackie College-Hopkinsville: Hopkinsville, KY (00020248)

Brown Mackie College-Indianapolis: Indianapolis, IN (00023533)

Brown Mackie College-Louisville: Louisville, KY (00020244)

Brown Mackie College-Miami: Miramar, FL (00021677)

Brown Mackie College-North Canton: Canton, OH (00020242)

Brown Mackie College-Phoenix: Phoenix, AZ (00024522)

Brown Mackie College-Quad Cities: Bettendorf, IA (00011295)

Brown Mackie College-San Antonio: San Antonio, TX (00041546)

Brown Mackie College-South Bend:South Bend, IN (00010695)

Brown Mackie College-St. Louis: Fenton, MO (00029631)

Brown Mackie College-Tucson: Tucson, AZ (0001136)

Brown Mackie College-Tulsa: Tulsa, OK (00024239)

Brown Mackie College-Albuquerque: Albuquerque, NM (00031313)

Bryan University: Springfield, MO (00010722)

Charter College: Anchorage, AK (00010858)

Dewey University:Carolina, PR (00015637)

Dewey University: Hato Rey, PR (00010091)

Dewey University: Manati, PR (00024810)

EDIC College: Caguas, PR (00010190)

Everest College: Thornton, CO (00011101)

Everest College: Henderson, NV (00011333)

Everest College: Dallas, TX (00020553)

Everest College: Fort Worth, TX (00036352)

Everest College: Woodbridge, CA (0147010)

Everest University-Brandon: Tampa, FL (00010101)

Everest University-Jacksonville: Jacksonville, FL (00018879)

Everest University-Melbourne: Melbourne, FL (00012379)

Everest University-North Orlando: Orlando, FL (00010679)

Everest University-Pinellas: Largo, FL (00011091)

Everest University-Pompano Beach: Pompano Beach, FL (00010126)

Everest University-South Orlando: Orlando, FL (00010604)

Everest University-Tampa: Tampa, FL (00011334)

Florida Technical College: Kissimmee, FL (00049470)

Florida Technical College: Lakeland, FL (00010598)

Fortis College: Norfolk, VA (00010770)

Globe University: Woodbury, MN (00010898)

Harris School of Business: Linwood, NJ (00022418)

Harrison College: Indianapolis, IN (00010427)

Harrison College: Indianapolis, IN (00010513)

Harrison College: Anderson, IN (00010531)

Instituto de Banca y Comercio: Hato Rey, PR (00010355)

Instituto de Banca y Comercio: Fajardo, PR (00011144)

Instituto de Banca y Comercio: Mayaguez, PR (00011162)

Instituto de Banca y Comercio: Caguas, PR (00018827)

Instituto de Banca y Comercio: Bayamon, PR (00033225)

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts: Scottsdale, AZ (00048705)

Lincoln Technical Institute: Somerville, MA (00012781)

Lincoln Technical Institute: Philadelphia, PA (00019357)

Living Arts College@School of Communication Arts: Raleigh, NC (00023814)

Miami-Jacobs Career College: Columbus, OH (00011253)

Miller-Motte College: Raleigh, NC (00024128) 

Miller-Motte College: Wilmington, NC (00010233) 

Miller-Motte Technical College: Augusta, GA (00042187) 

Miller-Motte Technical College: Clarksville, TN (00010911)

Mountain State College: Parkersburg, WV (00011220)

National College: Memphis, TN (00022603)

Pinnacle Career Institute: Kansas City, MO (00042957)

Prince Institute-Southeast: Elmhurst, IL (00011116)

Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute: New London, CT (00011303)

Sanford-Brown College: Seattle, WA (00021569)

Sanford-Brown College Online: Tampa, FL (00024743)

Southern Technical College: Fort Myers, FL (00010657)

Spencerian College: Louisville, KY (00010506)

The Art Institute of Tucson: Tucson, AZ (00020240)

The Art Institute of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI (00041675)

The Art Institutes International Minnesota: Minneapolis, MN (00010751)

Tribeca Flashpoint College: Chicago, IL (00028864)

Trinity College of Puerto Rico: Ponce, PR (00010408)

Virginia College: Birmingham, AL (00010582)

Virginia College: Jacksonville, FL (00024563)

Virginia College: Baton Rouge, LA (00041407)

Virginia College: Greensboro, NC (0165129)

Virginia International University: Fairfax, VA (00023099)