The Council currently has five committees which meet a minimum of three times during each calendar year to discuss certain policy issues which directly effect the membership and its operations. The five committees are Business Practices, Education Enhancement and Evaluation, Financial Review, Institutional Effectiveness, and Nontraditional Education.

Listed below is a description of the five committees: 

The mission of the Business Practices Committee is to identify and promote quality business practices of career colleges and schools, to ensure integrity and ethical relations, and to foster cooperation among institutions on behalf of students and others served.

The mission of the Education Enhancement and Evaluation Committee is to establish and continuously review standards for the educational quality that assist institutions in mission fulfillment, program planning and development, institutional evaluation activities, and successful educational outcomes.

The mission of the Financial Review Committee is to monitor the financial stability of member institutions in order to ensure they maintain sufficient financial resources to deliver quality education to their students.

The mission of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee is to assist institutions in the improvement of their outcomes by establishing and assessing criteria for institutional effectiveness. In order to assist ACICS-accredited institutions in meeting established standards, the committee shall review Annual Institutional Reports, Institutional Effectiveness Plans, and institutional outcomes and measurements.

The mission of the Nontraditional Education Committee is to develop and implement standards and procedures to assess educational quality when utilizing nontraditional education delivery methods (i.e., distance learning, self-paced instruction, and independent study).