Becoming an Evaluator

The evaluator role within the accreditation process is crucial. ACICS evaluators are valued and recognized for the contributions they make to the peer review process.

Evaluators are classified as either member or public. Those affiliated with an ACICS-accredited institution are referred to as member evaluators and those not affiliated with an ACICS-accredited institution are referred to as public evaluators.

In addition to program specialists, full team visits (renewals of accreditation, initial grants, and branch inclusion) will include evaluators with expertise in student relations (SR), and educational activities (ED), and may also include distance education (DE).

The Council recognizes the value of volunteer service and shows its appreciation to its evaluation team members by granting an honorarium. Evaluators are also reimbursed for approved visit travel expenses as outlined in the Evaluator Travel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures. For additional information on the accreditation process, go to If you have questions regarding the role of the evaluator, e-mail

You must meet the following qualifications in order to become an evaluator for ACICS.



Step 1 - Determine Your Eligibility

               1.  Documented five years' experience and/or education in a specialty area or expertise. In addition, the following requirements must be met as evidenced by information provided on the resume:



 Member evaluators must have experience in at least two areas of operation including instruction, admissions, financial aid, placement, and administration.



Student relations (SR) expertise requires experience calculating satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and familiarity with the preparation of the Campus Accountability Report (CAR).



Educational activities (ED) expertise requires five years of experience at an administrative level and experience reviewing credentials of faculty assigned to teach general education courses.



Distance education (DE) expertise requires experience in the management, instructing and curriculum development of distance education programs.


Step 2 - Agree to ACICS Canons of Ethical Behavior and Independent Contractor Agreement

                     Download and carefully read the following documents. Indicate your willingness to serve as an 
                     evaluator by signing the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) form and submitting 

                     Downloads: Independent Contractor Agreement and Canons of Ethical Behavior


Step 3 - Submit Necessary Paperwork               

 In addition to the signed ICA document, ACICS requires a completed W-9 form and a current resume. Your resume MUST demonstrate five years of experience in your stated specialty fields or areas of expertise (please date your experience).

E-mail resume and completed W-9 to 

Step 4 - Register as an evaluator

Please complete the registration information. A very important component of the registration process is to classify yourself as Academic, Administrative, or Neither. An “academic” representative is defined as someone currently or institutional or recently directly engaged in a significant manner in postsecondary teaching and/or research. The “administrative” representative is defined as someone currently or recently directly engaged in a significant manner in postsecondary programmatic administration. By "recently" engaged, ACICS is looking for evaluators with relevant experience in the last year or two. In no event will a candidate with experience that is more than five years in the past be eligible to serve as a peer evaluator in that area. Your resume will be reviewed to verify the appropriate alignment.

Proceed to registration page.


Step 5 - Training

A comprehensive training session is required prior to the assumption of active evaluator status for team composition selection. This training session is live and will be scheduled as needed to meet the needs of the evaluation process. Additionally, it is by invitation only and based on need. For example, if there is a critical need for evaluators in the medical field, invitations will be sent to applicants in these areas first.

The Go-To-Webinar
Evaluators will receive a Go-To-Webinar invitation with the time, email link and telephone number two weeks prior to the scheduled webinar. The time will be for a two hour period scheduled between 2:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST. Attendees will be limited to 16-20. Following the conclusion of the webinar, a copy of the presentation, along with homework assignment, will be forwarded to the participants. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does the vetting process take?

Generally, it takes two weeks but follow up questions may prolong that review time. Additionally, applicants are vetted in groups and not “as received”.

Will everyone be invited to attend the live webinar?
No. ACICS has key areas within the evaluator pool that are classified as areas of need. These areas of need include program specialties and areas of expertise (SR, ED, or DE). The areas of need will be posted on our website under Evaluators / Evaluator Menu / Areas of Need. ACICS will reserve space for program specialists, SR, ED, or DE evaluators in the areas of need first.

Could I be invited to the final live two hour Go-To-Webinar module even if I don’t have a specialty or area of expertise in the high need area?
Yes. When an area in the ACICS evaluator pool becomes saturated with qualified evaluators, it does not benefit ACICS or the evaluator since the probability of being asked on a visit is very limited. ACICS, therefore, reserves the right not to invite evaluators to complete the final training module if they do not fit the areas of need. If there is space available and an evaluator without a specialty or area of expertise in an area of need is invited to attend, ACICS reserves the right to place their status as INACTIVE. Evaluators in INACTIVE status will not be eligible to conduct visits but could be made ACTIVE if their areas of expertise or specialty fields become an area of need.

I tried to register but the system said I already had an account. What do I do?
If you already have an account because of your affiliation with a school, simply log into that account and select “Apply to be an Evaluator”, following all the necessary steps.

I have moved, changed jobs, or acquired additional skills. How do I have these reflected in my evaluator account?

Log into your account to update your addresses, especially your mailing address since this is the address where school materials and/or reimbursement checks will be sent. When additional skills and/or degrees have been attained, a revised resume should be submitted to along with an explanation for the additional areas of expertise requested. Following review, the necessary changes to your account will be made, if no additional information is needed.