Templates Overview

Report Cover Page and Page 2
The chair will complete the cover page and will summarize general institutional information to be provided as an introduction to the report on page two.  This information should be presented in the format presented in the template. 

See Preparing Report Pages 1-2 for Complete Instructions.

Report Questions
Please note that the report sections correspond to the Evaluation Standards listed in Title III of the ACICS Accreditation Criteria.  The report questions are presented in a format that allows for a yes or no answer.  Relevant sections of the Accreditation Criteria are outlined to correspond with each question.  Any question for which the team determines the answer to be “no” is an area that must be cited as a noncompliance with the Council’s standards and a detailed narrative explanation for the citation is required. Related comments may be added following each section of the report.

See Using the Report Templates.

ACICS staff will list the areas identified by the team in which the institution does not meet Council standards.  The section number of each criterion is referenced in the left column and a summary statement of the area of noncompliance is provided in the right column followed by the report page on which the issue is discussed.

Accreditation has two fundamental purposes:  to assure the quality of the institution and to promote the improvement of the institution. The evaluation team has helped the Council and the institution to realize the first of these purposes through the evaluation report which analyzes the institution's compliance with the Accreditation Criteria.

To assist the institution in achieving the second purpose of accreditation -- that of improvement beyond its compliance with the standards necessary for accreditation -- members of the team are invited to use this opportunity to suggest any practices, policies, or procedures which might improve the institution's educational and administrative quality.   A recommendation section is included at the end of the report for this purpose.
Be careful only to provide objective suggestions, founded on well-established practices and experiences.  The recommendations section is not a forum to advocate changes to an institution’s operations and academic programs that are based merely on personal preferences.

The team’s recommendations are for the benefit of the institution and will be shared only with the institution.  Recommendations will not enter into any considerations of the Council regarding the accreditation status of the institution.

Instructions for Chair
Completing and Editing the Report
The chair is responsible for preparing and editing the final report before emailing it to the ACICS office. The chair must follow these instructions to create one seamless report that will be sent to the institution.  Finally, it is requested that the chair:

  1. Include in the final report, the Summary Page and the Recommendations page (the last two sections of the report).  Templates are provided for these two pages.
  2. Write the name and email address of the institution’s on-site administrator at the top of the cover page.  (This will be deleted by ACICS prior to the report being emailed to the institution.)
  3. Email the final report to Earline Simons at

See Specific Instructions for: