Reimbursement Guidelines

ACICS Evaluator Travel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures require all valid expenses to be submitted using the Concur expense reimbursement tool. Access to Concur is obtained by logging on through ACICS and clicking LINK TO CONCUR. ACICS has instructions for entering an expense report into Concur available as well as several tutorials on the Concur home page.

NOTE: DO NOT save the Concur URL and attempt to logon directly to Concur - ACICS passes a special token to the application and therefore requires evaluators to logon through ACICS.

Reminder: Per our travel policy, original receipts are needed in order to process your payment.

Relevant Downloads:
        wingdingEvaluator Travel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

Thank you for your work as an ACICS evaluator. These guidelines are intended to provide information and assistance to evaluators working on approved ACICS business. Each person is expected to exercise the same caution and care for incurring expenses while traveling for ACICS activities that a prudent person exercises when traveling on personal business. The institutions we accredit pay for the expenses related to evaluation visits and may review the expenditures and reimbursement requests made by our staff and volunteer evaluators. Additionally, ACICS needs to ensure that expenditures being reimbursed are reasonable and justifiable to meet IRS regulations and recommendations from our auditor.

All expenditures must be supported by original receipts. Please attach all receipts to “8 ½ x 11” sheets of paper with staples or tape. Provide as much detail as possible on the nature and reason for the expenditures involved. Failure to provide adequate documentation of expenses will void ACICS’ reimbursement responsibilities.

Expense forms must be submitted within 60 days of completion of the activity. Requests for reimbursement received after 60 days will not be honored.