Transportation Reimbursements

Team members are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements. Please do not schedule return transportation that would require you to leave the premises of the institution being visited before 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the visit unless advised otherwise. The Council provides travel/accident insurance for evaluators.

Air Transportation
   A.  Coach/economy class fares will be reimbursed. Advance purchase (more than seven days before 
        date of departure) and discounted fares should be used whenever possible. 

   B.  Advance approval must be given by the ACICS staff member coordinating the visit for tickets costing
        more than $1000. 

   C.  A copy of the travel itinerary with total cost paid (holds or quotes are unacceptable), departure and 
        destination, dates of travel, and rate class is required for reimbursement. 

   D.  Passenger receipts without the above information are not acceptable documentation for reimbursement. 

   E.  Travel agent invoices for airline tickets are not acceptable documentation. 

   F.  Travel agent fees will be reimbursed up to $35 per trip.

Personal Auto Use 
   A.  If personal or rental auto is used for travel from home base (i.e., personal residence or place of 
        employment)  to a visit site and back, total reimbursement for the trip is limited to the amount of the 
        cost of roundtrip coach class airfare purchased more than 7 days prior to departure.

   B.  If you choose to drive from your home base to the visit location, include a printout of airline “quotes” from 
        travel services such as Travelocity, Expedia, or Orbitz documenting what round trip coach class airfare
        purchased more than seven days prior to departure would cost for travel from your home base to the visit 
        (Note: If the total miles driven from your home base to the site visit and back is 400 or less an airline
        comparison is not required.)
   C.  If a personal automobile is used to travel to and from a visit, mileage reimbursement is at the current 
        government rate. A ”map it” mileage printout from Map Quest, AAA, etc. with home base starting address 
        and visit ending address must accompany the request for mileage reimbursement.
   D.  In-transit meals or hotel accommodations will be reimbursed during use of personal automobile to or from 
        a visit if receipts are provided; however, the total reimbursement for mileage and other travel 
        expenditures for the trip are limited to the equivalent of the cost of roundtrip airfare as defined in A., 
   E.  Travel by car from home to airport must be supported with a “map it” mileage printout with home base 
        starting address and airport ending addresses.

Rental Cars
   A.  Rental car expenses will not be reimbursed unless approved in advance by the ACICS staff member 
        coordinating for the visit. Preferred rental car agencies are Avis (use discount #D375300
        and Hertz (use discount #0426028).

   B.  Receipts should show date/time out, miles traveled, gas option, date/time of return and total cost paid.

   C.  The Council does not reimburse for insurance coverage of a rental vehicle. 
   D. The “bring it back full“gas option should be chosen upon signing a rental agreement.

   E.  If you are asked to rent a car by an ACICS accreditation coordinator, agree to do so, the Council has coverage
        for both Liability and Physical Damage for rented vehicles. You should complete 
        the rental agreement with Your Name, c/o Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools, 
        750 First Street, NE, #980, Washington, DC 20002. This is needed to tie the company into the contract 
        for coverage. If there is a loss or claim, it would be reported directly to the Hartford, under policy number 
        42SBANK8991, Hartford's direct reporting number is 1-866-467-8730 and their e-mail address is 
Commercial Ground Transit
   A.  Taxi, commuter bus and mass transit system fares that take you between the airport, station or your hotel 
        and the work location of an ACICS institution will be reimbursed.
   B.  Airport or hotel shuttles are to be used whenever possible.
   C.  Receipts are required with the following information:
        1. Date of travel
        2. Name of transporter (cab company, rail line, etc.)
        3. Departure and arrival locations
        4. Names of people riding, if more than one

Train travel to and from a visit requires the same documentation as commercial airfare. Business class is acceptable when less expensive than coach airfare.
(Note: If the total cost is $500.00 or less an airline comparison is not required.)

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