A.  An honorarium of $350 per actual visit day is paid to the chair of the evaluation team. The honorarium 
        covers all telephone calls, mailing expenses, etc., incurred by the chair for team coordination and report 
        preparation. Separate reimbursement will not be provided for these items.

   B.  An honorarium of $250 per actual visit day is paid to non-chair evaluators for participating as a team

   C.  An evening school visit, when coupled with a one- or two-day visit, does not qualify an evaluator for an 
        additional day’s honorarium. Honoraria are based on the number of full days scheduled for the visit. Each 
        honorarium is intended to cover travel time, time on the premises, and time involved in preparing the 
        formal report to the Council.

   D. The honoraria will be paid by the Council upon completion of the visit and receipt of reimbursement
        request forms with receipts incurred. All requests for reimbursement are to be sent to the Council
        office in Washington, DC., not to the institution visited.   


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