Evaluator Training


Effective January, 2010, evaluator training consists of three pre-recorded Go-To-Webinar modules and one live two hour Go-To-Webinar. Evaluator applicants are required to complete a survey following each webinar and submit it to as supporting evidence. There will only be one on-site workshop offered this year, and that will be held at our Annual Meeting in June 2010.

The final two hour live Go-To-Webinar is by invitation only. 
Evaluators will receive a Go-To-Webinar invitation with the time, email link and telephone number two weeks prior to the scheduled webinar. The final two hour live Go-To-Webinars will be scheduled for the last Friday of every other month beginning in January. The time will be for a two hour period scheduled between 2:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST. Attendees will be limited to 16-20.

Will everyone who takes modules 1-3, be invited to attend module 4?
No. ACICS has key areas within the evaluator pool that are classified as areas of need. These areas of need include program specialties and areas of expertise (SR, ED, or DE). The areas of need will be posted on our website under Evaluators / Evaluator Menu / Areas of Need. ACICS will reserve space for program specialists, SR, ED, or DE evaluators in the areas of need first.

Could I be invited to the final live two hour Go-To-Webinar module even if I don’t have a specialty or area of expertise in the high need area?
Yes. When an area in the ACICS evaluator pool becomes saturated with qualified evaluators, it does not benefit ACICS or the evaluator since the probability of being asked on a visit is very limited. ACICS, therefore, reserves the right not to invite evaluators to complete the final training module if they do not fit the areas of need. If there is space available and an evaluator without a specialty or area of expertise in an area of need is invited to attend, ACICS reserves the right to place their status as INACTIVE. Evaluators in INACTIVE status will not be eligible to conduct visits but could be made ACTIVE if their areas of expertise or specialty fields become an area of need.

Can I listen to module 1,2 and 3 for professional development? 
Yes. ACICS encourages any individual seeking further understanding of the evaluator process. Modules 1 thru 3 are available to the public and are free. Individual requests for certificates of attendance to module 1, 2 or 3 will be provided. Requests should be sent via email to with “Request for Certificate of Completion” in the email subject field. Please provide us with your name, the module or modules you are requesting a certification of completion for and the date you listened to the module(s). If you logged in using an email other than the one associated with the request, please state the email address used when viewing the modules so we can verify your attendance.

Module 1
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