ACICS Team Chair

The ACICS team chair is tasked with providing leadership to the independent evaluation team during an institutional evaluation for reaccreditation, additional location inclusion or initial accreditation. The chair is a critical part of the evaluation team and the expectations, as summarized below, are the minimum standards for excellence.*Chair training is offered once a year, by invitation only, and is generally scheduled on the third Friday in November.

ACICS Chair Expectations:                                

In order to serve as a Chair one must be willing to do the following:

  • Function as part of a team, taking the lead in directing the activities of the on-site evaluation and on much of the contact and discussion with the school, before and during the visit;

  • Establish and maintain a practical knowledge of the Accreditation Criteria;

  • Conduct interviews with school personnel and review documents on-site in order to assess compliance with the stated objectives of the school and the Accreditation Criteria;

  • Evaluate and report on areas relating to mission, administration, organization, institutional effectiveness, and educational facilities;

  • Write clear, cohesive, and comprehensive team observations, findings of noncompliance, and suggestions for continual development - See Report Writing & Editing Guide 2011;

  • Exercise the utmost professionalism in interactions with school representatives throughout the on-site evaluation process;

  • Be able to manage the onsite evaluation process in the absence of the ACICS staff representative, in the case of an emergency;

  • Be capable of assisting the ACICS staff representative with providing transportation and other support to the team; and

  • Travel by means of air, train, automobile, and shuttle bus to various destinations throughout the United States, its territories, and abroad.


ACICS Chair Criteria:

Points required for Consideration: 5

Points Awarded





Years as an ACICS Evaluator


Number of site visits conducted for ACICS


1 – 3 years


10 – 30 visits

4 – 5 years


31 – 50 visits

6+ years


51+ visits


Years of management experience at a private or post-secondary institution


1 – 3 years

4 – 5 years

6+ years


Highest credential held




Please click here for the application packet. Applications will be accepted, and reviewed on a continuous basis until September 30. Late applications will not be considered. Applicants will be notified, via email, of the status of the application.

For Information on the Chair Qualifications and Application process, please contact
Ms. Perliter Walters-Gilliam, ACICS Manager, Institutional Development ( and 202-336-6769).