Evaluation of Visit Procedures

Your Name:                 

Institution Visited:       



Team Chair:               

ACICS Staff:                



1) Were the evaluation materials received by you in a timely manner and were appropriate 
     materials included? 
 If no, please specify what materials were missing.




2) Did the team chair contact you prior to the visit to discuss report assignments?


3) Did the team hold a pre-visit meeting to discuss the self-study, update information, report assignments, and evaluation schedule? 
     If no, please explain.


4) If yes to number 3 above, did the team meeting assist in preparing you for the visit?
     If no, please explain.




5) Did the team members perform their responsibilities in an objective and professional manner? 
     If no, please comment.

6) Were the team members cooperative, well-organized, and efficient? If no, Please comment.

7) Was the institution well prepared for the team visit? If no, what problems were
     encountered? Could ACICS do something differently to avoid such problems in the future?


8) Did the team meet frequently to discuss its findings? If no, why not?


9) Was the institution made aware of information required by the team members 
     in a timely manner prior to the exit interview?


10) Was the team report read aloud and discussed by the team members prior to the exit Interview? If no, why not?


11) Was the time spent at the institution sufficient to obtain a thorough understanding 
        of its Practices and procedures?


Suggestions for improving the visit procedures.
Please include any additional comments not previously requested