Evaluator Performance Review

Please submit one for each team member who was on the visit.


Evaluator Being Reviewed       

ACICS Staff Member                 

Institution Visited                    

Date(s) of Visit                       


Check the number that best summarizes the evaluator's performance in the specific area listed.



Self-study was read, observations about the institution were made and came prepared to the team meeting


Organizational Skills

Aware of responsibilities, prioritized duties, reviewed questions, shared concerns, allotted enough time to deal with concerns.


Interaction with Team

Friendly, easy to work with, helpful, independent, not disruptive to the school or team, discussed areas of non-compliance and concerns with team members.


Interaction with School Personnel

Pleasant and considerate to faculty and staff, performed required duties with a professional demeanor.


Writing Skills

Used complete sentences, minimal revisions, appropriate format, questions answered completely and concisely, elaborated on citations.


Knowledge of Accreditation Criteria

Recognized areas of noncompliance, requested citation numbers and correct verbiage, and documented why an area was out of compliance.



Attended the team meeting, discussed areas of non-compliance when discovered, report was completed by the end of the visit.



Would you work with this person again?







Areas in Need of Improvement




Additional Comments