Staff Evaluation of Evaluators

STEP 1: Enter the Visit ID, Institution Name & Last Date of Visit
STEP 2: Enter Evaluator Information (It is VERY helpful if you add the evaluator ID, but at the very least make sure the last name is spelled correctly and the first name is as it appears in iMIS)
STEP 3: Evaluate each section listed below based on the criteria available in the comments




Visit ID             


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Last Name       

First Name       

Task Assignment       



Preparation Timeliness

Respected visit schedule; reviewed relevant pre-visit materials; discussed areas of non-compliance when discovered; completed report by the end of the visit.



Organizational Skills

Was aware of responsibilities as a team member; prioritized duties; reviewed questions; shared concerns; allotted enough time to deal with concerns.


Interaction with Team

Was easy to work with, independent, not disruptive; discussed areas of non-compliance and concerns with team members; offered assistance to others.


Interaction with Institution

Was pleasant and considerate to faculty, staff, and students; performed required duties in a professional manner; dressed appropriately for business in acccordance with ACICS standards.


Writing Skills

Used complete sentences and appropriate format; made minimal grammatical errors; answered questions completely; elaborated on citations.


Knowledge of Criteria

Recognized areas of noncompliance; requested citation numbers and correct verbiage; documented why areas were out of compliance.



Adhered to Canons of Ethical Responsibility


Strength of Expertise

Demonstrated knowledge of subject matter, including curricula, program objectives, instructional tools and equipment.


Adherance to Travel & Reimbursement Policies

Responsive to requests from staff; abided by travel policy; demonstrated respect for all individuals involved in the visit process


Candidate for Chair Role

Would you recommend this person for the role of Chair?


Additional Comments