Initial Accreditation Workshop

This workshop is designed specifically for representatives of institutions exploring an institutional accreditation or have already started the initial application process with ACICS. When completed within 18 months of submission of the self-study, this workshop will meet the Accreditation Workshop requirements for initial applicants. Open to anyone interested in learning about the ACICS accreditation process. Workshop fee is $990.

A partial list of topics includes:

  • Review of minimum eligibility requirements for an initial accreditation, and discussion of how ACICS policy may be applied to various types of institutions and educational delivery.

  • Online application process and required documents.

  • Financial stability requirements.

  • How to prepare for the Initial Resource Visit.

  • An overview of ACICS accreditation and evaluation visit.

  • How to address citations from a team visit. 

  • Major issues in the development of the Institutional Effectiveness Plan.

  • Types of data required for the completion of the Annual Institutional Report for Initial Applicants.

  • Tips on preparing the institutional Self-study report.

  • How to be ready to host the Initial Grant of Accreditation Team Visit.

  • Other topics applicable to workshop attendants. 

Who Should Attend

The chief on-site administrator of the main campus and all additional locations are required to attend. Other individuals interested in learning about the ACICS initial accreditation are also welcome. 

Enrollment is limited. Failure to complete the entire workshop will void compliance with workshop accreditation requirements.

Contact for Information on the Initial Applicant/Accreditation Workshop
Ms. Perliter Walters-Gilliam, Vice President of Accreditation ( and 202-336-6769