Centennial Newsletter - March 2012

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In this Issue
• We SERVE: A Week of Service,
A Lifetime of Contribution

• ACICS Executive Directors:
A History of Leaders

• Centennial Student Profile

• Snapshot from ACICS History
– The Roaring 20’s

• Save the Date

• Resources to Download








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We SERVE: A Week of Service, A Lifetime of Contribution

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In honor of our Centennial year, ACICS is launching a nationwide initiative – We SERVE (Students Empowered to Respond and Volunteer Everywhere) – to provide an opportunity for ACICS-accredited schools, students, faculty, and administrators across the country to help those in need in their local communities. Set for the week of May 21, students and school community members are encouraged to participate in impactful projects that address the areas of greatest need in their respective region, such as education, neighborhood clean-up, youth mentoring, and more.

In return, participants will have the opportunity to give back to their community, apply the skills learned in the classroom, and earn or develop new skills. Individuals can also enhance their career prospects by establishing personal and professional networks with other students and potential employers.

Schools are encouraged to create project teams and compete against other ACICS schools to meet and exceed their project goals (i.e. number of volunteer hours clocked, pounds of food donated, etc). ACICS will recognize the winning team at the November 2012 Centennial Celebration Gala in Las Vegas.

Click here to learn more about the We SERVE initiative, access the Community Service Toolkit, and register your team. You could be a winner!

ACICS Executive Directors: A History of Leaders

Versatile Accreditation Leader Led ACICS Through Change

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Dr. Stephen Parker was a passionate believer in for-profit career schools, and oversaw many changes during his eight-year tenure as ACICS Executive Director (from 1992-2000). He led the organization through the separation of ACICS-accreditation activities from its trade association, and led the accrediting body through rulemaking following the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

A recipient of the ACICS Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Parker was a professional who always approached his work with a combination of knowledge, passion, and commitment, according to those who knew him well. He had an amazing ability to attract the right people to accomplish the very best – whether staff or volunteers – and have a great time doing it. The fact that many of his former ACICS staff members remain involved in the industry nearly 25 years later is a testament to Dr. Parker’s influence on his colleagues and peers.

Click here to read the rest of Dr. Parker’s story.

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Centennial Student Profile

Sangeetha Balakrishnan: Designing Green in India

Sangeetha Balakrishnan sees a world of green in her job as a Product Designer with Jaybee Creations in Chennai, India. All of her designs incorporate sustainability initiatives as a cornerstone to designing great products.

“Being green to me is to make products that are better for humans and help the environment at the same time.”

Sangeetha also incorporates international flare into her product designs, which began as a student at The Art Institute of California - Orange County. There she learned about international markets for products and took a more in-depth look at design philosophy.

“I am inspired by designers who approach design as art, like Zaha Habib, Ross Lovegrove, and Karim Rashid.”

Upon graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, Sangeetha moved to India and is now fully immersed in the design process, from manufacturing to deciding the color, material, and finish.

“I consider myself as a sort of a design anthropologist, embracing new and unusual ideas.”

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Send In Your Story
Click here to submit a student story from your school for a chance to be featured on ACICS.org or in a future edition of the Centennial newsletter.

Snapshot from ACICS History – The Roaring 20’s


After winning World War I, the United


After winning World War I, the United States was in the lime light. There was increased international demand for American-manufactured products and a demand for more skilled laborers. Schools around the country were educating men and women in trades such as typing, welding, and other skills needed to maintain a bustling economy.

With the growth of career schools, there became an increased need to establish a more comprehensive standard of practice and inspection among the 228 member schools of ACICS’ predecessor, the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools (NAACS). This would ensure the quality of education for students entering the workforce.

In 1920, NAACS developed a code of educational policies with which all members were required to comply. Among the nine edicts were pledges to: behave honorably in all dealings with students; employ and maintain good teachers, suitable facilities, and equipment for one’s operation; cultivate good moral standards; pay all debts in a timely manner; and make no misleading statements about the quality of one’s institution. A Vigilance Committee was also established to inspect the quality of member institutions.

The new guidelines and policies created a system of accreditation procedures that ensured quality education for students entering the workforce with adequate training. It also established a basis for which future student and school accreditation concerns would be addressed for years to come.

View the ACICS timeline to read about other milestones in accreditation history.

Save the Date

  • April 20: Missouri Kansas Association of Private Career Colleges and Schools Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO)

  • April 20: Michigan Association of Career Colleges & Schools Annual Meeting (Livonia, MI)

  • April 27: Kentucky Association of Career Colleges & Schools Spring Educational Conference (Lexington, KY)

  • May 3-4: Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges & Schools Annual Conference (Murfreesboro, TN)

  • May 4: Louisiana Career College Association Annual Conference (Baton Rouge, LA)

  • May 18: Arizona Private School Association (APSA) Annual Meeting (Phoenix, AZ)

  • May 21: ACICS Community Service Week Kicks Off

  • November 8-11: ACICS Annual Meeting and Centennial Celebration Gala (Las Vegas, NV)

Centennial Resources to Download

Looking for more resources about the ACICS Centennial? Visit the Centennial > Resources section of ACICS.org to view and download a fact sheet about ACICS, a 100-year timeline of our history, and more.


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