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WeSERVE...Have You Registered?

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The week of May 21 is fast approaching. Be a part of WeSERVE (Students Empowered to Respond and Volunteer Everywhere)!

Join ACICS-accredited schools, students, faculty, and administrators across the United States in a week-long celebration of service and giving back to your local community. Projects such as community beautification and helping the homeless will provide campuses with the opportunity to apply skills they are learning in the classroom while helping their neighbors.

SBBCollege, an ACICS school based in Southern California, is participating as part of its SBBCollege Cares initiative. Each quarter, SBBC will dedicate a day to community service by closing its campuses and sending employees out into the community, where they’ll spend time in soup kitchens, tutoring at youth centers, and cleaning up local beaches and community gardens.

“Our employees just love it,” Monica Raymond, SBBCollege Marketing Coordinator, said. “They spend each work day teaching and enhancing the lives of the students we serve, and this is a great opportunity for them to get outside and extend that service by making a positive impact on their community.”

According to Raymond, SBBC students are also getting in the act. “Our students are getting wind of it and want to participate, “ she said. “It’s a great way for faculty and students to work together outside the classroom.”

ACICS is hosting a WeSERVE competition, where the winning campus will be awarded complimentary accommodations and recognition at the November 2012 Centennial Celebration Gala in Las Vegas.

Click here for more information on how to get involved, registering your team, tips for organizing, and more.

ACICS School Graduate, Paul Qui, Wins “Top Chef”

Paul Qui is a chef of many talents and has a knack for competitive cooking. Currently the Executive Chef at Uchiko restaurant in Austin, Texas, Paul has appeared on “Iron Chef America” and recently won Bravo’s “Top Chef” competition.

Long before appearing in nationally televised cooking competitions, Paul began his path to culinary stardom at Texas Culinary Academy in Austin – now known as Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

“I think the school has a culture of students that are passionate about what they do and have the drive to pursue their dreams,” he said of his alma mater.

After graduating, Paul went on to work with acclaimed chef Tyson Cole, before being handed the reins by Cole at Uchiko.

As displayed by Paul’s success on “Top Chef,” career college graduates are advancing as innovators in their respective industries. Paul and the fellow Le Cordon Bleu graduates he is now training at Uchiko represent the next generation of great chefs.

If you would like to read more on Paul’s “Top Chef” win, please click here.

Send In Your Story 
Click here to submit a student story from your school for a chance to be featured on ACICS.org or in a future edition of the Centennial newsletter.

Snapshot from ACICS History – 1930s…A Season of Change

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Global financial collapse, declining enrollment, and closures characterized just a few of the challenges many career colleges faced heading into the 1930s. For ACICS’ predecessor, the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools (NAACS), it was a starkly gloomier environment than the one experienced during the enormous growth phase of the 1920s. However, the era brought about changes for career colleges that still serve its students till this day.

To combat declining enrollment and to better compete with similar offerings from public colleges, the NAACS Board encouraged member schools to join other educational associations to stay apprised of trends. One new trend that was quickly adapted at many NAACS schools was night and weekend classes, which provided students the opportunity to keep their jobs while advancing their education.

The mid-1930s brought other changes including the arrival of a new NAACS competitor called the American Association of Business Schools (AABS). This new career school association operated very similarly to NAACS but did not prioritize accreditation as an important activity for its member schools. AABS operated for more than 30 years until eventually merging with NAACS in 1962.

View the ACICS timeline to read about other milestones in accreditation history.

Centennial Toolkit

ACICS has created a Centennial toolkit that provides a number of resources including how to host your own centennial celebration. We’ve also posted several templates for schools, such as fact sheets, videos, optional Twitter posts and the ACICS Centennial logo.

Don’t see something you need? Email us at aheadley@acics.org.

Click here to access the Centennial toolkit resources and templates.

Register Now for the 2012 Centennial Conference at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas November 8-11, 2012

Come join the festivities as ACICS marks its 100th Year with a gala celebration, professional development workshops, awards event and annual business meeting. Featured presenters include Burck Smith of StraighterLine and “The Passing Zone.” The highlight of the four days will be the ACICS Centennial Gala, a festive celebration of the history, personalities and leaders that have shaped a 100-year legacy of quality and integrity in career education. Register now for the entire Conference.

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Save the Date

  • April 20: Missouri Kansas Association of Private Career Colleges and Schools Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO)
  • April 20: Michigan Association of Career Colleges & Schools Annual Meeting (Livonia, MI)
  • April 27: Kentucky Association of Career Colleges & Schools Spring Educational Conference (Lexington, KY)
  • May 3-4: Tennessee Association of Independent Colleges & Schools Annual Conference (Murfreesboro, TN)
  • May 4: Louisiana Career College Association Annual Conference (Baton Rouge, LA)
  • May 18: Arizona Private School Association (APSA) Annual Meeting (Phoenix, AZ)
  • May 21: ACICS Community Service Week Kicks Off
  • November 8-11: ACICS Annual Meeting and Centennial Celebration Gala (Las Vegas, NV)

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