Centennial Honorees

Founding Members

At the request of Benjamin Franklin Williams, President of Capital City Commercial College of Des Moines, Iowa, twenty-two school administrators met at Hotel Lasalle in Chicago, IL, on December 12, 1912 and formed an enduring alliance that developed into the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), then called the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools (NAACS). Five of these schools are still members of ACICS today:

          Erie Business Institute, Erie, Pennsylvania
          Everest Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
          Miami-Jacobs Career College, Dayton, Ohio
          Minneapolis Business College, Roseville, Minnesota
          Spencerian College, Louisville, Kentucky


Century Club

The following 54 institutions have operated as postsecondary schools and served students for 100 years or longer and are currently accredited by ACICS:

          Beal College, Bangor, Maine ~ 1891
          Bradford School, Columbus, Ohio ~ 1911
          Brown Mackie College, Merrillville, Indiana ~ 1890
          Brown Mackie College, South Bend, Indiana ~ 1882
          Butler Business School, Bridgeport, Connecticut ~ 1900
          Cambria-Rowe Business College, Johnstown, Pennsylvania ~ 1891
          Daymar Institute, Nashville, Tennessee ~ 1884
          Douglas Education Center, Monessen, Pennsylvania ~ 1904
          Drake College of Business, Elizabeth, New Jersey ~ 1883
          DuBois Business College, DuBois, Pennsylvania ~ 1885
          Duluth Business University, Duluth, Minnesota ~ 1891
          Elmira Business Institute, Elmira, New York ~ 1858
          Erie Business Center, Erie, Pennsylvania ~ 1884
          Everest College, Colorado Springs, Colorado ~ 1897
          Everest College, San Bernardino, California ~ 1907
          Everest College, Thornton, Colorado ~ 1895
          Everest Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ~ 1840
          Everest Institute, Rochester, New York ~ 1863
          Everest University, Tampa, Florida ~ 1890
          Gem City College, Quincy, Illinois ~ 1870
          Globe University, Woodbury, Minnesota ~ 1885
          Harrison College, Anderson, Indiana ~ 1904
          Harrison College, Columbus, Indiana ~ 1906
          Harrison College, Indianapolis, Indiana ~ 1906
          Harrison College, Lafayette, Indiana ~ 1905
          Harrison College, Muncie, Indiana ~ 1903
          International Business College, El Paso, Texas ~ 1898
          International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana ~ 1889
          ITT Technical Institute, Boise, Idaho ~ 1906
          King's College, Charlotte, North Carolina ~ 1901
          Lamson College, Tempe, Arizona ~ 1889
          McCann School of Business & Technology, Hazleton Township, Pennsylvania ~ 1897
          Miami-Jacobs Career College, Dayton, Ohio ~ 1860
          Minneapolis Business College, Roseville, Minnesota ~ 1874
          Minnesota School of Business, Richfield, Minnesota ~ 1877
          Morrison University, Reno, Nevada ~ 1902
          Mountain State College, Parkersburg, West Virginia ~ 1888
          National College, Salem, Virginia ~ 1886
          Newport Business Institute, Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania ~ 1895
          Ohio Business College, Sheffield Village, Ohio ~ 1903
          Ohio Valley College of Technology, East Liverpool, Ohio ~ 1886
          Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute, Binghamton, New York ~ 1850
          Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute, New London, Connecticut ~ 1887
          Rockford Career College, Rockford, Illinois ~ 1862
          Sanford-Brown College, Fenton, Missouri ~ 1866
          Sanford-Brown Institute, Cranston, Rhode Island ~ 1911
          Santa Barbara Business College, Santa Barbara, California ~ 1888
          South College, Asheville, North Carolina ~ 1905
          Spencerian College, Louisville, Kentucky ~ 1892
          Stone Academy, West Haven, Connecticut ~ 1864
          West Coast University, North Hollywood, California ~ 1909
          West Tennessee Business College, Jackson, Tennessee ~ 1888
          West Virginia Business College, Nutter Fort, West Virginia ~ 1881
          West Virginia Junior College, Charleston, West Virginia ~ 1892


50+ Club

Of more than 980 campuses currently accredited by ACICS, 35 have been accredited by ACICS for 50 years or more. These institutions have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the concept of peer evaluation, and the mission of quality and integrity in post-secondary education.

          Bradford School, Columbus, Ohio
          Brown Mackie College, South Bend, Indiana
          Cambria-Rowe Business College, Johnstown, Pennsylvania
          Daymar College, Bowling Green, Kentucky
          Daymar Institute, Nashville, Tennessee
          DuBois Business College, DuBois, Pennsylvania
          Erie Business Center, Erie, Pennsylvania
          Everest College, Chesapeake, Virginia
          Everest College, Colorado Springs, Colorado
          Everest College, Newport News, Virginia
          Everest College, San Bernardino, California
          Everest College, Thornton, Colorado
          Everest Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
          Gem City College, Quincy, Illinois
          Globe University, Woodbury, Minnesota
          International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana
          Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida
          Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida
          Kaplan Career Institute, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
          King's College, Charlotte, North Carolina
          McCann School of Business & Technology, Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
          Miami-Jacobs Career College, Dayton, Ohio
          Miller-Motte Technical College, Lynchburg, Virginia
          Minneapolis Business College, Roseville, Minnesota
          Minnesota School of Business, Richfield, Minnesota
          Mountain State College, Parkersburg, West Virginia
          National College, Salem, Virginia
          Newport Business Institute, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
          Penn Commercial Business/Technical School, Washington, Pennsylvania
          Pennsylvania Institute of Health and Technology, Mount Braddock, Pennsylvania
          Salter College, West Boylston, Massachusetts
          Spencerian College, Louisville, Kentucky
          Stautzenberger College, Maumee, Ohio
          West Tennessee Business College, Jackson, Tennessee
          West Virginia Junior College, Morgantown, West Virginia