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Following are links for the presentations that ACICS was given permission to post on the Web site. All presentations appear as PDFs. Please consider the environment when deciding whether to print or download the presentations to your computer for future review.

Wednesday, November 6 
Friday, November 8
Saturday, November 9




Hot Topic Workshop: Student Learning Outcomes: A Discussion of Best Practices  
     Dr. Larry Banks, Provost/Vice President of Operations, Daymar Colleges Group 
     Perliter Walters-Gilliam, Senior Manager, Quality Enhancement, ACICS
     Thomas H. Wickenden, PhD, Executive Vice President of Policy and Accountability Systems, ACICS 

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Hot Topic Workshop:  No Good Deed: Disclosure of Performance Indicators In Advertising and Marketing  

     Norman Blome, Senior Vice President Compliance, Alta College Inc.
     Angela Curry, Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Government Affairs & Corporate Secretary, Daymar Colleges Group
     Diane Auer Jones, Vice President for External and Regulatory Affairs at Career Education Corporation
     R. Kenyon Meyer, Partner, Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP Jay Vaughan, Partner, Dow Lohnes PLLC


Keynote Address, Honorable Virginia Foxx


 We’re Here to Help You! Changes in the Substantive Change Approval Process
Accreditation Practices 
     Susan Greer, Associate Vice President of Accreditation and Institutional Development, ACICS
     Joseph Gurubatham, Ed.D., Senior Vice President of Accreditation and Institutional Development, ACICS 

Dare the Impossible and Achieve the Extraordinary in Your School’s Success
Institutional Effectiveness
     William Cohen, President, California Institute of Advanced Management 

 iPad Mini Initiative Engages Faculty and Students in Introductory Course
Learning Outcomes
     Kevin Kirk, President, Community Care College, Clary Sage College & Oklahoma Technical College

How to Use Modern Marketing to Your Advantage Without Violating Federal Consumer Protection Regulations
Recruitment and Admissions
     Dennis Cariello, Chair of Regulatory Compliance and Strategy Section, DLA Piper Education Group
     Audrey Kaplan, Vice President of Compliance, Education Corporation of America
     Jeri Prochaska, Vice President, TextAim
     John Watts, Partner, Watts & Herring LLC 

 From Passion to Profession — An Integrative Model for Enhancing Student Commitment and Achievement
Retention and Placement
     Karen White, Vice President, Career Services, Florida Technical College 


Adding New Programs to Meet the Demand for Skilled Workers
Institutional Effectiveness
     Susan Schulz, President, Susan F. Schulz & Associates, Inc. 

 Using Learning Outcomes Assessments to Validate Competency
Learning Outcomes
     Larry Banks, PhD, Vice President Operations/Provost, Daymar Colleges Group
     Ken Silber, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, Wonderlic 

 The Conversion Story: The Right Web Experience for your Target Audience
Recruitment and Admissions
     Aaron Edwards, Vice President of Enrollment Marketing, PlattForm
     Jeremy Schoen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PlattForm 

 The Second Time Around: Improving Reentry Persistence
Retention and Placement
     Judith Quayle, Dean of Academic Affairs, Brown Mackie College


 Somebody’s Knockin’ at the Door - Are You Prepared to Let ‘Em In?
Accreditation Practices
     Peter Leyton, Partner, Ritzert & Leyton, P.C.
     Robert Walker, Senior Associate Attorney, Ritzert & Leyton, P.C. 

 Refresh Your Faculty Development Plan with Practical, Engaging Strategies
Institutional Effectiveness
     Shawn Orr, Professional Educator, Cengage Learning
     Melissa Zantello, Executive Director, Peer to Peer Faculty Development & Consulting 

 Performance-Based Faculty Development
Learning Outcomes
     Thomas Ayers, PhD, Vice President of Education, Anthem Education
     Gary Carlson, President/CEO gCarlson Inc.
     Claudine Rigaud Dulaney, Associate Vice President of Education, Anthem Education 

 Making Your Marketing Work in Today’s Fragmented World
Recruitment and Admissions
     Vincent Norton, Managing Partner, Norton | Norris, Inc.

 Creating an Effective and Compliant Career Services Department
Retention and Placement
     Jeremy Johnson, Director of Accreditation & Institutional Effectiveness, Hondros College
     Beth Pippin, Regional Director of Campus Operations, Hondros College 

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 My Dog Ate the Homework! Waiver Requests and the Enhanced ACICS Student Achievement Standards
Accreditation Practices
     Terron King, Manager, Policy and Institutional Review, ACICS
     Thomas H. Wickenden, PhD, Executive Vice President of Policy and Accountability Systems, ACICS 

 The CEP: The Most Effective (Yet Underutilized) Document for Assuring Campus Success
Institutional Effectiveness
     Jamie Morley, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Education Consulting Solutions
     Spring Zutes, Operations Specialist, Education Consulting Solutions 

 Using Laughter to Increase Student Motivation and Overall Performance
Learning Outcomes
     Gene Haynes, Chief Executive Officer, Learn 2 Laugh Inc. 

 Reaching Out to Military and Veteran Students
Recruitment and Admissions
     Greg Gragg, Owner, SynergEd
     Jim Hendrickson, Chief Operating Officer, SynergEd
Suzanne Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, SynergEd 

 Focus on Learning Not Teaching: Using Intelligent Learning Systems to Master Retention and Outcomes
Retention and Placement
     Fawzi BenMessaoud, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Campus Performance
     Karl MacDorman, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Indiana University & Purdue University, Indianapolis

Chair’s Report: Brian Stewart, ACICS Chair and President/CEO, Bryan University
Treasurer’s Report: John Euliano, ACICS Treasurer and Senior Vice President of Institutional Development Southern Technical College
President’s Report: Albert C. Gray, PhD, ACICS President and Chief Executive Officer


 President Obama’s Plan for Making College More Affordable: A Seismic Shift
Recruitment and Admissions
     Yolanda R. Gallegos, Attorney-at-law, Gallegos Legal Group 

 Preparing for a Successful Accreditation Visit in a Multi-School System
Accreditation Practices
     John Andrews, Vice President, Accreditation and Licensing, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
     Danielle Millman, Regional Vice President of Operations, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.
     Sumi Shrishrimal, Vice President, Internal Audit, Corinthian Colleges, Inc. 

 Campus Effectiveness Committee: Compliance is a Team Effort
Institutional Effectiveness
     Kimberly Cook, Senior Director of Academic Compliance, Delta Career Education Corporation
     Betty Demers, Vice President of Academic Compliance, Delta Career Education Corporation 

 Best Practices & Future Considerations for Managing Learning Outcomes – Lessons Learned from Medical Education
Learning Outcomes
Brian Clare, Chief Executive Officer, one45 Software 

 Service-Learning: Building a Brand Through Community Involvement
Retention and Placement
     Laurna Taylor, Campus Director of Education, International Academy of Design and Technology - Nashville 

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