Member Institution Helps Haitian Relief Efforts

FastTrain’s students collect over 12,000 pounds of food for Haitian Earth Quake Relief Efforts




 Fast Train students

Accredited by ACICS since 2007, FastTrain serves more
than 150 students in programs such as management
information systems, medical assistant and computer


ACICS leadership applauds the students of the FastTrain of Miami who came together to help the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The FastTrain student body includes a number of Haitian-Americans with family currently living on the island, but it was the entire student body that united to aid those in need. “To see your fellow students distraught as to the conditions of their family members back in Haiti really pulls at your heart-strings” stated Student Body President, Brian Cook. “The student body made a pledge to collect 10,000 lbs. of food and I am happy to report that we exceeded that number by over 20%!” Brian added.

Giving back to the community is nothing new for the students. Within the past six months, they have also donated over 200 liters of blood to the local blood bank.