CAR Extensions and Advice on Data Entry

As more institutions enter data in the new Campus Accountability Report (CAR), we are have experienced some system performance issues.  Each time a number is entered in a program report, the system recalculates the figures in that report, rolls them up to the campus level, and recalculates the figures at that level as well. The more programs that a campus has in its CAR, and the more users that are on the system at the same time, the longer it takes to enter data into the report.

Data Entry Advice - Our contractor is working on programming strategies to speed up the data entry process. In the meantime, however, please be advised to take your time entering data on each screen and to check that all the data you have entered is visable and reflected in the calculated totals before you save and move away from that screen.

Extensions of Due Date for Submission – Because it may take users longer than anticipated to enter data, we are extending the due date for submission of the CAR for all campuses that have not already received extensions due to weather-related incidents. Institutions that have 12 or fewer programs will have one extra week – until Friday, September 23rd – to enter and submit data. Institutions that have 13 or more programs will have two extra weeks – until Friday, September 30th to enter and submit their data. These extension dates do not affect the September 15th deadline for reporting job placement.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to the new reporting system.

Please email any questions about this information to  Thank you.