Standards Century Volume 1, No.5

 The Journal of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
Volume 1, No.5
November 2013

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From the President

More than 300 school representatives, evaluators, and vendors participated in social and intellectual activities at the 2013 Conference and Annual Meeting earlier this month in Jacksonville. The words of encouragement for the sector from Rep. Virginia Foxx, chair of the House Higher Education and Workforce Subcommittee, provided an important centerpiece to the three days of learning, interacting, and celebrating excellence.

Highlights from the conference are featured at ACICS Web site, including summaries of the workshop presentations and a pictorial scrapbook. A snapshot of the key indicators of the agency's accomplishments will be included in the 2013 ACICS Annual Report, due out early next year.

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of the presenters and participants for making this annual event a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and energy about the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of career education. 

Albert C. Gray, Ph.D. 

Placement Verification Previewed

 A high-level overview of the new ACICS Placement Verification program (PVP) was provided to a packed-room at the 2013 Conference. The program discussed the Council's response to credibility issues derived from self-reported placement data that is subsequently found not to reflect actual performance. The response includes a new, independent, ACICS-based verification program, revised definitions of placement, and the development of new goals for accuracy in reporting performance data. A complete summary of the preview can accessed at

More specifics about how ACICS will work with our members in launching and continuing this verification program will be available in the next 45 days, along with a schedule for a series of informational webinars for member institutions. 

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Continuing to Inform HEA policy

The latest in a series of whitepapers exploring the issues of quality assurance manifest in the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act is available at ACICS>News>HEA Reauthorization Issues. Entitled, "Assuring the Quality and Integrity of Postsecondary Education: Does Oversight Need Overhaul?" the report enumerates the depth and breadth of the current modes of assuring quality in career education and discussed their strengths and weaknesses. The ACICS material on HEA reauthorization is intended to serve as a foundation for informed discussions with Congress regarding the role of institutional accreditation in the rapidly changing sector of private post-secondary education. 

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 Surgical Technology Graduate Published 

Less than a year after graduation from National College - Harrisonburg, VA, and becoming a certified surgical technologist (CST), Tim Hansberger contributed an article, "Treating Glioblastoma Multiforme," to the medical journal The Surgical Technologist. Hansberger was compelled to choose the topic for his capstone project in the surgical technologist program because the disease was fatal to his mother. The article explains what the medical team did to treat the disease. Hansberger hopes that it leads to a foundation to help others who are victims of the same disease. For the full story, go to  
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