Announcing Transformation of the ACICS Information Technology Platform

Multi-phase, multi-year project to improve user experience, reliability, flexibility 

IT Enhancements Survey

ACICS is undertaking a major overhaul of its Information Technology platform during 2014 and beyond in order to improve efficiency, enhance the end-user experience and migrate to a system that can be maintained, scaled and appended more easily as the quality assurance program and the institutions it serves adapt to dynamic forces. The new investment will supplant several legacy data and records systems, including Personify, Concur, and the Millenium Electronic Document System.

"This major commitment to new technology and better user interfaces is important to the viability and responsiveness of the quality assurance enterprise," said Albert C. Gray, president and CEO. "The project will improve efficiency, enhance the end-user experience and establish a system that ACICS can more easily maintain, scale and appended."

ACICS institutions will be asked to play an integral role in how the new platform operates, interfaces with users and produces value for accredited career education.

"The project team at ACICS will reach out frequently to enlist members in the testing and critique of the evolving platform," said Steve Gelfound, Vice President of IT. "We know the involvement of the end-users during the design phase will ensure a better platform. Expect to be asked to participate at various stages along the way."

The first phase of the IT transformation project will focus on enhancing on-line electronic transactions between member institutions and ACICS. That will be provided through a new, secured extranet that manages data uploads, application retrievals and submissions, remittances, account balances and institutional accreditation records.

Members experienced the first aspects of the new platform when they submitted their 2013 CAR Addendum; the transformed platform will be applied later this summer to the 2014 CAR Reports and the Placement Verification Program (PVP) support system. Subsequent phases will focus on the public website, organizational functionality and support.

"Once completed and implemented, the transformed technology platform will provide members with a more intuitive on-line experience, making inquiries and transactions with ACICS quicker, simpler and more effective," Dr. Gray said. "We encourage our institutions to be active when called upon, and to be candid with their feedback. New IT systems always require some time to learn new interfaces, but our hope is to keep the pain of change to a minimum so that the benefits and value are maximized."

The first introductory webinar on the IT Transformation is scheduled for the near future. A series of webinars will be hosted in the next few months to better acquaint members and their key employees with the features of the new system. 

Please take a few minutes and complete the IT Enhancements Survey. Your feedback is very important and will help us implement useful improvements.