FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Historical Archives

Contact: Tony Bieda, 202.336.6781


August 5, 2014: Washington, D.C.— More than 20,000 historic images never seen before by the public, reflecting the lives and times of accredited career education in the U.S., will go live and on-line today. The launch of the archive culminates more than two years of work by ACICS, the largest and oldest national accrediting agency. A ceremonial opening of the on-line link will occur at 5:30 p.m. in the offices of ACICS.

In nine collections, the ACICS digital archives contains hundreds of vintage photographs, commemorative documents signed by former U.S. presidents, and original publications and newsletters going back to the early 1920s and before. The original artifacts have been digitized for viewing on-line; ACICS has established an internet platform for accessing and searching the collections.
A small sample of the original artifacts will be on display to the public during the premiere of the archives. After the ceremony, all of the original archives will be placed in storage for preservation and curation.

“We are excited to share this rich treasure of artifacts from a colorful and long-lived community that has been instrumental in shaping the workforce of our country for more than 100 years,” said Al Gray, president and CEO of ACICS.
After the internet site is launched, public access will be available at