5 Tips to Improve Your 2014 CAR Submission

Many institutions participated in the recent test of ACICS's enhanced Campus Accountability Report (CAR) system, providing valuable insights for those who prepare and submit CAR data. ACICS appreciates the cooperation of those institutions during the testing phase.

The system is now open for 2014 CAR submissions and will remain open until Monday, November 3. Some important factors to consider when submitting CAR data:

  1. Do not rename spreadsheets or the individual worksheets within a spreadsheet.
  2. When completing a program spreadsheet, only use an "X" to indicate an answer of "Yes" in the cells. If the answer is "No," leave the cell blank.
  3. If the answer to any category is "Not Applicable," leave the cell blank. The system does not recognize any other letters, numbers, or characters.
  4. Do not use the "find and replace" functionality to correct values in your spreadsheet; doing so may inadvertently modify formulas in certain cells.
  5. To insert data from another data source, please use the copy and paste function rather than inserting copied cells.

For more detailed instructions on how to submit CAR data, review the CAR Guidelines and Instructions (PDF). The web page guidelines and instruction begin on page 3.