Standards Century Volume 2, No. 3

The Journal of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
Volume 2, No.3
September 2014 

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Document Disclosure 
Campus Closures 
Workforce Investment Act


From the President

The complex and sophisticated technology that supports our mutual quest for quality and integrity becomes more intricate each year, requiring more testing and development lead time. Two key systems undergoing major enhancements at ACICS - the Campus Accountability Report (CAR) uploading resource, and the Placement Verification Program integrity review function - are being tested and probed in advance of going on-line for all institutions.

Trial encounters with the new CAR format and system during September allowed members to gain proficiency in how to upload required spreadsheets and complete the required web-form. The trial period also provided ACICS insights about how to refine and enhance the system. Beginning October 1, the system is open for submission of 2014 CAR data, which is due November 3. All data submitted prior to October 1 will be deleted from the system. Members with questions about the CAR submission process are encouraged to inquire at

The experience gained from institutions participating in the Beta Test for the PVP integrity review will be applied to placement data from all institutions beginning in 2015. Results of both pilots will be topics for the President's Town Hall Meeting at the 2014 ACICS Annual Conference November 3-5 in New Orleans.

Albert C. Gray, Ph.D. 

Council Election Begins October 6  
Designated delegates of ACICS colleges and schools will have access to an on-line voting platform on October 6-8, 2014. The election is to decide who will occupy a seat on the Council beginning January 1, 2015. The winner will serve a five-year term through December 2019. The nominees are Deborah Jones, Ed.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs at Charter College, and Michelle Edwards, MBA, Dean of Academics at Delta School of Business & Technology. Visit for more information about the candidates.
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California to Require Disclosure of Accreditation Documentation 
AB 2247 was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September and requires all accredited institutions in California to make available to the public through their websites team reports and Council action letters derived from initial grants, renewal grants, certain substantive change reviews and the final resolution of adverse information and complaints. ACICS is working with the broader accreditation community to develop guidelines and recommendations on how to comply with the state law, provide context and comparison for consumers, and avoid disclosing information that must remain confidential. For details go to  
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When a Campus Closes
The closure of campuses accredited by ACICS has generated heightened awareness among policy makers, institutional administrators and students of the need for more and better information. Students can be empowered to request and pursue outcomes that mitigate the displacement created by a sudden campus closure if they have the right information at the right time. ACICS has developed additional written guidance to assist students who are confronting the closure of a campus. The guidance is posted at 
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Commentary on WIA Reauthorization
An important federal resource for developing the U.S. workforce through sponsored training programs, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) provides funding for services provided by many ACICS colleges and schools. The WIA's reauthorization in August provides a significant opportunity for the community to consider the role of quality assurance in supporting the Congressional expectation of effectiveness and accountability. To learn more about accreditation and the WIA, read the white paper - The Skills Gap and America's Ongoing Workforce Development Challenges - and discover the perspective ACICS has shared with the policy community. 
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ACICS New Employee 
Ms. Kay Bryant. ACICS has hired Kay Bryant as a Senior System Architect in the Information Technology department. Kay officially joins ACICS after serving as a consultant for the organization since 2008. She is responsible for developing, integrating, and maintaining our numerous systems.

2014 Annual Conference 

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