Standards Century Volume 2, No. 5

The Journal of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
Volume 2, No.5
November 2014 

From the President

More than 300 members and guests joined ACICS for the 2014 Conference and Annual Meeting in New Orleans in early November. The workshops and presentations covered a wide array of topics, from the demographics of the post-secondary education population to gainful employment to placement verification and other current issues. To access the presentations directly, go to ACICS>Events/Workshops>Conference Presentations.


The annual event was also an opportunity for the leadership of ACICS to engage members directly in a face to face dialogue during the President's Town Hall. Several key issues were raised by members during the exchange of ideas:  

  • Does ACICS plan to require member institutions to track and report graduation rates?  If so, for what purpose?
  • How many of the numerous campus closings and voluntary withdrawals by ACICS institutions this past year reflect adverse action taken by the Council? What was the basis for those actions?
  • What is ACICS doing to anticipate and respond to negative comparisons of national accreditation versus regional accreditation?
  • What is the basis for the changes and reforms to requirements for institutional and campus effectiveness plans (CEPs)? Will there be more changes?
  • Why does ACICS inadvertently penalize programs (through the calculation and reporting of retention rates) that lose students due to transfer to other programs on the same campus?

In coming editions of Standards Century, ACICS will respond to these issues one at a time for the benefit of all our members. The dialogue is healthy and important to an organization that is built on voluntary membership and self-governance. We appreciate the interest, the candor and the intensity.

 Albert C. Gray, Ph.D. 

Photos from the Conference

  Town Hall Albert Gray
Dr. Albert C. Gray, President and CEO, ACICS (third from left) hosts
an ACICS town hall meeting and responds to questions from
representatives from member institutions.  

Joseph Town Hall Nov 2014
Dr. Joseph E. Gurubatham, Senior Vice President of Accreditation
and Institutional Development (standing centert) responds to a
question from a representative of a member institution during the ACICS town hall meeting. 

Chair of the Year 2014 
Dr. Joyce Caton, (pictured in the background), received the award for
Chair of the Year 2014. Dr. Ruth Shafer, Commissioner, (left) accepted
the award on her behalf. Mr. John D. Euliano, Chair-elect, presided over the ceremony.

Evaluator of the Year 2014 
Dr. Harpal Dhillon (left) receives the award for Evaluator of the Year 2014
from Ms. Jeanne Herrmann, Chair, ACICS Board of Directors.

Expert of the Year 2014 

Ms. Michelle Edwards (left) receives the award for Student Relations
Expert of the Year 2014 from Ms. Jeanne Herrmann, Chair, ACICS Board of Directors. 


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1st Quarter 2015 Workshops 
Friday, February 3, 2015 Deferral Workshop
Washington, DC

Thursday, March 5, 2015 Initial Accreditation Workshop,
Washington, DC

Friday, March 6, 2015 Renewal Accreditation Workshop,
Washington, DC
All workshops are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Go to ACICS Home > Events/Workshops to register. 
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