Standards Century Volume 3, No.5

From the President

As part of its on-going initiative to inform policy and promote accredited professional, technical, and occupational education, ACICS has published a new research report focused on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and its significance for ACICS member colleges and schools. Many ACICS institutions participate in local workforce development funded through the U.S. Department of Labor and managed through local Workforce Investment Boards. ACICS commissioned research to assess how to provide quality assurance for short-term, non-credit programs and how to evaluate effectiveness through best practices and evidence.

"Workforce Development Training: Bridge or Barrier to Career Education?" identifies members' interest in supporting the programs and objectives of WIOA, including serving as eligible training providers. It also identifies barriers to their robust participation in the WIOA structure of workforce training. Finally, reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act in 2014 requires the development and application of new accountability measures. ACICS aspires to participate in that conversation with the Departments of Labor and Education.

To review or download the report, visit the publications directory at For additional copies, contact Tony Bieda ( 

Albert C. Gray, President and CEO




Member Center Testing Underway   

ACICS is committed to improving communication with member institutions. One critical element of communication is the system used by members to request changes, either substantive or non-substantive. Beginning July 6, 2015, ACICS will launch the new Member Center for these transactions. From the moment of logon to the submission of a document, there will be a new look, feel, and an ease by which to request a change. The new Member Center will replace the existing membership portal. In an effort to provide good service, ACICS members are encouraged to take a "Test Drive."  By clicking the link below, an ACICS institution will be able to click through the new screens, test the application process, and view the additional benefits of the new Member Center. ACICS will collect data from the simulations to better enhance the end-user experience.

Member Center Test Site
Available July 6





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