Standards Century Volume 3, No. 6

June 2015
Volume 3, No. 6



Challenges confronting ACICS accreditation and the quality of member institutions were given high profile during a Senate hearing on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The June 17 discussion focused on accreditation and how the system of voluntary quality assurance can be strengthened. In written and oral testimony, ACICS offered three considerations: know the students, inventory the depth of the current system, and encourage accreditation to play a broader role in defining the measures of value incorporated in the price/value proposition.  The opportunity to explain and defend the quality of member institutions directly at an important Congressional forum augmented whitepapers and reports on the topic provided to Congress during the past two years (link to HEA reauthorization whitepapers). As the Senate moves to mark-up legislation this fall, ACICS will continue to participate and contribute to public policy formation.

Albert C. Gray, President & CEO


Four Open Seats on Council: Call for Nominations

ACICS is now accepting applications for candidates to fill vacancies on the Council and Board beginning January 1, 2016. Four positions will be open due to expiration of terms, including two occupied by elected members and two occupied by appointed members. The deadline for submitting nominations is July 17, 2015; candidates selected for appointment or election will be notified by August 21; the electronic voting system will be open to designated delegates September 28 through 30. To learn more about the requirements for candidates and to submit a nomination, click here.


'Applications' Streamlined though ACICS Member Center 

The timely processing of applications for substantive and non-substantive changes is a key feature of the new Member Center that goes live on Monday, July 6. New requirements for submitting applications are designed to keep accreditation information current and to streamline the process for assuring the quality of substantive and non-substantive changes. Among other requirements, any request for the review of substantive or non-substantive change must include a full remittance, a completed application and all required supporting documentation, before the request will be put in queue for review. In addition, ACICS will implement a “withdrawal” policy to maintain the currency of the application material:

Effective September 2, 2015, any application with a purchase date of six months or older, and void of required documentation will be deemed “withdrawn”. The institution will not be entitled to a refund, and it will be required to repurchase the application in order to continue with the proposed change.


'Quest for Quality:' State of the Art 

A highlight of the 2015 Annual Conference was original material presented by Dr. Linda Baer regarding assuring quality and meeting accountability expectations of crucial stakeholders. Baer's presentation was based in part on "Quality, Accountability and Action," her published review of the nexus between various forces changing higher education - demographics, economics, globalization, technology and politics - and the implications for evaluating education quality, transparency and accountability. Read Dr. Baer's full report.

See pictorial highlights of the 2015 Conference.


Derrick Ware Joins ACICS 

Derrick Warehas been hired as an accreditation coordinator in the Accreditation and Institutional Development department. He earned a BS in marketing from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Before ACICS, Derrick worked for Humanitas, Inc., and EduTech, in Silver Spring, Maryland. Welcome Derrick!


In Memoriam 

Coleman Furr
Dr. Coleman Furr, a former chair of the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (AICS), passed away in San Diego on May 18, 2015. He was 90. Dr. Furr served as AICS chair in 1977, board chair in 1989-1990, and commissioner, 1974 -1978. He founded Coleman College (Coleman University) in La Mesa, California, in 1963, an ACICS member institution. Honored with the AICS Distinguished Service Award in 1975, Dr. Furr was instrumental in the consolidation of AICS and the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools (NATTS) in 1991, which gave birth to the Career College Association (now the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities or APSCU). He received an Award in Commendation from President Nixon in recognition of his service to others in 1971.

Scott Rhude
Scott Rhude, a former ACICS Commissioner, passed away May 17, 2015 in California. He was 52. Mr. Rhude served on the ACICS Council from 1992-1996 and again from 1999-2002.
During his tenure he served as treasurer, chair of the Financial Review Committee (FRC), and was as a member of the Institutional Effectiveness Plan Committee which wrote the first edition of the ACICS publication, Institutional Effectiveness: A Guide to Implementation. He participated as a team member on more than 75 visits. Mr. Rhude was founder, CEO, and owner of Tucson Design College, CEO and owner of Chaparral College, Lincoln School of Commerce, and Nebraska College of Business. He also served as President of Coleman College. All of these institutions were accredited by ACICS. Mr. Rhude was the son of A. Lauren Rhude, a former chair of the United Business Schools Association (UBSA) and the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools (AICS).

More information is available from the ACICS Historical Archives.


Upcoming Workshops 

Renewal of Accreditation
July 28, Boca Raton


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