Standards Century Volume 3, No. 7

July/August 2015
Volume 3, No. 7



Defending the quality and integrity of ACICS colleges and schools before the US Senate has significance beyond the high profile of the hearing room. In the case of ACICS testimony before the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee in June, folks in very high places have expressed the expectation that accreditation play a stronger role in protecting consumers. In turn, that has provoked a longer, deeper conversation within the accreditation community, including regional and specialized accreditors who have substantial authority over traditional colleges and universities.

At the invitation of the leadership of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), ACICS participated in a protracted review of what consumer protection means in terms of accreditation, how consumers can be better protected through accreditation, and which policies and practices most directly address perceived weaknesses. In the very near future, ACICS will continue that inquiry at the Council level and with the rest of the accreditation community.

The distance between Council's adopted value - the importance of a quality educational experience for all students - and the call for consumer protection is not a giant leap. At the same time, any good faith participation in the discussion must acknowledge that the best and highest protection ACICS and member institutions can afford students is a quality education, delivered with integrity, which leads to completion and placement. Unlocking the door to economic opportunity is an outcome that more than protects students; it gives them something of great, enduring value that defies criticism. By focusing on those outcomes, private, independent colleges and schools will transcend the current environment.

Albert C. Gray, President& CEO



Two of Four Council Posts Filled

At its August 2015 meeting the Council appointed two individuals to the Council and Board of Directors to fill five-year terms beginning January 1, 2016. The incoming commissioners are:

Mr. Richard Bennett, Senior Vice President of Financial Aid, Southern Technical College. Mr. Bennett will be an appointed member institution representative on the Council.

Dr. Adriene Hobdy, Associate Vice President, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Dr. Hobdy will be a public representative on the Council. At this meeting the Council also nominated three candidates to stand for election to fill two seats on the Council and Board of Directors with five-year terms beginning January 1, 2016.

The candidates for elected member institution representative are:

Dr. Fardad Fateri, President & CEO, International Education Corp., Irvine, California

Ms. Shanthi Konkoth, Vice President for Academic Affairs, ASA College, New York, New York

Ms. Karan Krna, Executive Director of Online, Wright Career College, Overland Park, Kansas

The electronic election will be held in late September. Candidate biographical information and election details will be posted approximately one month prior to the election. Only Designated Delegates of member institutions may vote (ACICS Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2).


Update Your Delegate Designation for Council Election

Two open positions on the Council will be filled by election September 28-30. In preparation for the election, ACICS is seeking validation of the person or persons assigned as the institution's Designated Delegate and, therefore, have the right to vote. Every member institution is receiving the designated delegate form via e-mail. To ensure accuracy, institutions are encouraged to update the Designated Delegate form and e-mail to Deborah Hill at by close of business, Tuesday, September 1. ACICS appreciates your participation in this important element of self-governance.


Mastering the Member Center

ACICS's new Member Center, launched on July 6, has many features and changes that end-users will notice. The changes include more visibility regarding the status of "in-process" applications and approved applications, the ability to add documents via the drag and drop function, and improved search features. Anyone requiring one-on-one training or with questions about how to use the Member Center, please contact


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