ACICS Announces Options for Displaced Students



Accrediting Council and Management Resources College Collaborate to Serve Students

WASHINGTON – NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) announced today that it has reviewed plans by Management Resources College (MRC) to accept transfer credits from nursing students previously enrolled at The University of Southernmost Florida (USMF) and its affiliate school, Dade Medical College. MRC and USMF are accredited by ACICS.

MRC has conducted information sessions for former USMF and DMC students since the institutions ceased operations on October 30th. Working in collaboration with ACICS and the Florida Commission on Independent Education (CIE), MRC has established a process to review the academic records of students formerly enrolled at USMF, evaluate their eligibility for admission to comparable programs at MRC, and assist them in matriculating into the academic cycle as soon as possible.

ACICS has reviewed the programs offered by MRC to ensure their comparability of rigor and content to those offered at USMF. The agency will continue to work with MRC to ensure new programs or higher credential levels meet, or exceed ACICS’ expectations for quality and integrity.

“ACICS is pleased that we can collaborate with another ACICS-accredited college to provide education continuation and completion for many of the students displaced by the sudden closure of USMF and Dade Medical,” said Dr. Albert Gray, president and CEO of ACICS.

ACICS has been working with Florida state officials and USMF to identify options for impacted students to continue or complete their chosen fields of study. Officials with CIE and ACICS are vetting the academic and financial quality of alternative colleges in close proximity to the defunct campuses to ensure students receive access to a quality education in their chosen career field. The closure of the three campuses that operated under ACICS accreditation displaced nearly 300 students from continuation or completion of their education.

“Management Resources College recognizes the stress and disruption former USMF students have endured for the past two weeks. We are pleased to offer an immediate alternative so that these students can continue their academic pursuits,” said Ophelia Sanchez, president and CEO of Management Resources College.

Student information sessions at MRC are ongoing. Students interested in transferring their credits to MRC should contact: or call 305.442.9223

To obtain transcripts from their studies at USMF/Dade Medical, students should contact the Florida Commission on Independent Education (CIE):