2016 CAR Reminder

The 2016 Campus Accountability Report (CAR) is due next month on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Any campus (main or branch) that was accredited at any point during the CAR reporting year (July1, 2015- June 30, 2016) is required to submit the 2016 CAR. Any report not received by the submission deadline will be assessed a late fee of $500 and as outlined in Section 2-1-801 of the Accreditation Criteria, may result in the revocation of accreditation.

To assist campuses in the submission of accurate data, each program spreadsheet has a built-in error-checking mechanism which identifies any errors in red at the top of the spreadsheet. All errors should be corrected prior to uploading each spreadsheet. A second error-check will be conducted on all data after the submission of the CAR.  If errors are found, campuses will be granted one opportunity to revise those errors in their CARs from November 2nd - November 11th. A fee of $500 will be assessed for any CAR revisions. No additional revisions will be accepted and the Council will consider the data as submitted during its deliberations at its December 2016 meeting.

Please contact our office through or 202-336-6771 if you have any questions about this reminder. Thank you.