Update on CHEA Recognition of ACICS

On Friday, December 2nd we received a letter from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) informing our agency of the decision by the Committee on Recognition recommending to the CHEA Board of Directors that ACICS be granted recognition for up to three years. I appeared before the committee along with our Chair, Larry Leak and Associate Vice President of Accreditation, Perliter Walters-Gilliam, on November 21, 2016 to present our response to the deferral action initiated by the committee at the March 2016 meeting. We were provided the opportunity to engage in a thorough, thoughtful and deliberative series of questions and comments addressing the committee’s concerns on a broad spectrum of issues that are central to upholding the high standards promulgated by CHEA.  

It is important to note that this action taken by the committee is a recommendation for the Board of Directors to consider at their next meeting in late January and includes the provision for a progress report due March 1, 2018 for an in-person review by the committee at its June 2018 meeting.

We have been working diligently on an aggressive review, renewal and reinvention agenda aimed without reservation at a markedly strengthened accreditation process. The integrity and credibility of ACICS rests on our continued and determined efforts in the pursuit of these objectives. We all share a role in that important work.