Temporary Restraining Order Update

Federal District Court Judge Denies ACICS Temporary Restraining Order to Immediately Halt Implementation of Department of Education Decision;  ACICS’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction To Be Heard on February 1, 2017 at 9:30 a.m.

(December 21, 2016) – Yesterday, Federal District Senior Judge Reggie B. Walton denied ACICS’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent implementation of the December 12, 2016 decision by the Department of Education to withdraw ACICS’s recognition as a nationally-recognized accreditation agency.  ACICS had sought a temporary ruling that would maintain our status as a recognized accrediting organization and prevent immediate and meaningful harm to hundreds of thousands of students currently enrolled at institutions ACICS accredits while the Court reviewed our claims against the Department.  Yesterday’s  ruling does not relate to the merits of our claim that the Department’s decision was flawed and potentially unlawful. The Court has granted ACICS’ Motion for A Preliminary Injunction hearing  at which time the Court will review those issues. The hearing is scheduled for February 1, 2017.

Williams also provided ACICS–accredited institutions with the following update:  

“As you know, ACICS sought a Temporary Restraining Order against the U.S. Department of Education’s relative to its action denying ACICS’ continued recognition. Today, we learned that a judge has denied our request. While we are disappointed, today’s ruling does not relate to the merits of our claims, nor does it impact our litigation against the Department and our request for an injunction that would prevent implementation of the Department’s decision. We look forward to presenting our case to the Court.

In the meantime, since ACICS will not be recognized by the Department of Education while our claims against the Department are reviewed in Federal Court, the conditions for ACICS-accredited institutions outlined in the Department’s December 12 guidance remain in effect.  We certainly appreciate that this is a very uncertain time for ACICS accredited institutions and we will do our best to keep you updated on the legal developments as they unfold.  Throughout this process, our goal is unchanged: to ensure ACICS retains its recognition and, furthermore, to renew and recover our historical role as a highly-regarded accrediting agency.”