New ACICS President Announced

Dear Colleagues: 

I am forwarding this important announcement on behalf of the Board/Council to inform you that our search for a new president of ACICS has been concluded with the selection of a strong candidate. It is therefore with great confidence that we look forward to the July 31st start of our next Board/Council meeting with Ms. Michelle Edwards as the President/CEO of ACICS.  

As you know, Michelle has served on the Board/Council since 2015 and as Chair since the beginning of this year, during which her collaborative management style and skills were both apparent and beneficial to the Council’s deliberations. She has been engaged in proprietary education over the past nine years at Delta School of Business and Technology, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, serving in the official capacity as Dean of Academics, while multitasking across the broader spectrum of regulatory compliance issues necessitated by the day to day demands of a small school environment. During that period she has served on over 50 on-site team visits, offering the clearest demonstration of a mission-focused work ethic committed to accreditation in service to the mission of ACICS.  

Over the past year, the Council has undertaken a critical self-evaluation with the determination to work as diligently and responsibly in the examination of its governance structure and decision-making processes; its accreditation criteria; and its operational practices in order to strengthen every element of this accrediting agency. In turn, it has taken decisive steps to improve the agency’s effectiveness, achieve compliance with the recognition criteria, and improve the performance of its accredited institutions with a stronger focus on student achievement.  

Our new president has the knowledge, convictions, and leadership skills to keep us moving forward toward regaining our proper place as a recognized accrediting agency; and we are fortunate to have her play this role in our future. With those thoughts clearly and firmly in mind, I remain committed to serve in whatever advisory capacity I can to assist her and the Council in these ongoing efforts. 


Roger J. Williams
Interim President/CEO