Accreditation Process

Determination of Eligibility
To be eligible for consideration for accreditation, an institution or entity must satisfy the following minimum requirements. Read more.


Initial Application
In order to start the accreditation process with ACICS, the chief executive officer of the institution must submit an institutional catalog and a letter describing how the institution meets the minimum eligibility requirements. The staff will review this information and, if appropriate, forward application materials to the institution. Read more.


Initial Applicant Annual Institutional Report (AIR)
As part of the complete application for an initial grant of accreditation with ACICS, an institution must complete an Annual Institutional Report (AIR). Read more.

Initial Resource Visit
Following the acceptance of the initial application materials, including the assessment of the institution’s financial stability, an ACICS staff member will conduct an Initial Resource Visit. Read more.

Application and Self-Study
The self-study is the most important part of the process of accreditation and must be considered a major effort of the institution. The self-study provides the institution with the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of its operation. Read more

Accreditation Workshop
The Accreditation Workshop provides an overview of the ACICS accreditation process as well as evaluation visit preparation and procedures. These workshops are held several times each year to explain the accrediting process to applicants, administrators of currently accredited institutions, and other interested individuals. Read more.

Evaluation Site Visit
When an institution has submitted a satisfactory self-study and other required documentation, the office of the Executive Director will appoint a team to visit and evaluate the institution. The institution is notified of the composition of the visiting team and may request that team members be replaced for cause. Read more.

Team Report and Response
The team prepares a written report that covers each area reviewed at the institution and includes other information pertinent to an accurate evaluation. The report subsequently is sent by the team chair to ACICS.

Intermediate Review Committee
The Intermediate Review Committee (IRC) reviews necessary documentation and makes a recommendation to the Council. Read more.

Council Decision
The Council grants accreditation to institutions for a specific period of time, prior to the expiration of which the institution may reapply and again be evaluated. Grants of accreditation vary in length and are given for a maximum of eight years. Initial grants of accreditation are normally three to four years in length.