Determination of Eligibility

To be eligible for consideration for accreditation, an institution or entity must satisfy the following minimum requirements.

1.  Educational Entity
It shall be either an institution of postsecondary education (as herein defined) primarily offering certificates or diplomas and postsecondary institutions offering associate's, bachelor's, or master's degrees in programs designed to educate students for professional, technical, or occupational careers; or a noninstitutional entity offering professional enhancement education.

An institution is presumed to be an institution of postsecondary education if it (1) enrolls a majority of its students in one or more programs, the content of which is on a postsecondary academic level and which leads to a postsecondary academic credential (such as a certificate, diploma, or degree) or an occupational objective; (2) enrolls students who possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, or who are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance and demonstrate, through valid assessment, an ability to benefit from the educational experience; and (3) offers at least one program which is a minimum of 300 clock hours in length.

2.  Licensing & Experience
It shall be legally organized; be licensed by (1) the appropriate state education agency for postsecondary institutions or (2) the appropriate state agency for authorizing the conduct of business in that state for noninstitutional entities; and have offered its educational services to the general public for at least two years immediately prior to consideration of the application by ACICS.


3.  Mission
Its mission shall be to offer educational programs which help students develop skills and competencies to enhance their careers.

4.  Enrollment
Its residential enrollment and enrollment in each program shall be sufficient both to support course work and learning experiences that, separately or in combination, constitute measurable and defined educational programs and to enable ACICS to assess the educational effectiveness of those programs.

5.  Graduates
It shall have a sufficient number of graduates from a majority of its programs to enable ACICS to assess the educational effectiveness of those programs. Programs offered at any credential level from which there are no graduates will be reviewed in accordance with standards outlined in the Accreditation Criteria.


6.  Compliance
It shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


7.  Organization
It shall be organized as a corporation, as a limited partnership with a corporate general partner, or as a limited liability company.

8.  Authorization
Its evaluation for accreditation shall be authorized by the chief executive officer.

9.  Ownership
Its owner or managers shall not have been debarred by ACICS.