Frequently Asked Questions

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a status granted to an institution that meets or exceeds the stated criteria of educational quality. The purposes of accreditation are to assess and enhance the educational quality of an institution, to assure consistency in institutional operations, to promote institutional improvement, and to provide for public accountability.


How can I tell if a school is accredited?
A list of ACICS-accredited institutions may be found by clicking here. If the institution is not accredited by ACICS, visit the U.S. Department of Education's Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs to find out if it is accredited by another agency.


May I receive a copy of my transcripts?
ACICS does not hold any student records. If a school is closed, you will need to contact the designated higher education agency of the State which oversees private postsecondary institutions. If you are unable to find the state information, please contact ACICS at (202) 336-6780. If the school is still in operation, the school must be contacted directly.


How can I learn more about a school?
If accredited by ACICS, an institution would have had to comply with our standards found in the Accreditation Criteria, and would have had to go through a number of visits. Most schools maintain websites from which you can learn about specific programs.


What do I do if I have a complaint about a school?
The procedures established for reviewing and resolving complaints are in place to ensure integrity in the grievance process. Complaints will be accepted by the Council from individuals or groups, including students, staff, faculty, members of the general public, governmental agencies, and other institutions or organizations. The Council reviews complaints and acknowledges its responsibility to provide both the complainant and the institution with a reasonable and impartial review. Read More...