Student Rights

This list was developed by ACICS as a brief guide, to inform students about some of the important information that should be available to them before and during their tenure at any ACICS institution. These rights will coincide with the ACICS Accreditation Criteria numbers that are referenced beside them.

Please note that as a student, you also have the responsibility to thoroughly consider all applications, contracts, and enrollment agreements before signing and to carefully read all catalogs and other documents you receive from the institution.

All students have the right to know:

·   The licensing and accrediting agencies that have reviewed and approved their school (Section 1-2-100 (b) and Appendix C) 

·   The school’s full-time faculty, their specializations and credentials and the sufficiency of their facilities (Appendix C) 

·   The school’s programs and the cost of each program (Section 3-1-432 (c) and Appendix C) 

·   All financial aid assistance available and how the school determines financial need (Section 3-1-431) 

·   Each type of aid received and how it will be disbursed (Section 3-1-432

·   How the school determines Satisfactory Academic Progress and how that affects financial aid eligibility (Appendix D) 

·   Due dates for mandatory fees and payment procedures, including loan terms and repayment obligations
    (Sections 3-1-432 and 3-1-441(d))                    

·  The school’s refund policy (Section 3-1-433) 

·  The school’s grievance policies, including how to appeal academic decisions and how to file a formal complaint
    (Appendix C) and (Section 3-1-202) 

·  The school’s Transfer of Credit policy (Section 3-1-413)